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The Seven Wise Men believes that creating high growth and wealth are achieved by improving every action, task, process, program, and structure. This relentlessness in pursuing opportunities uncovers new ones and often leads into new directions; it’s a case of the journey is as important as the destination.

The ability to seize internal and external opportunities at every step in a product’s life cycle and value chain largely depends on answering unasked but important questions. Therefore, inquisitive minds and innovative thinkers are your most versatile tools to reach end goals. Technologies and processes are necessary but both are tools that get obsolete sooner or later. Success depends on people who have bearings on events.

Food For Thought

Technologies and processes are necessary but not enough; the former can get copied fast and the latter rarely change. Infusing and integrating talent, knowledge, innovation into processes and structures translate to selling advanced and high-quality products and services to customers at the lowest possible costs. In addition, the courage to stand up for a sound new idea and less inclination to avoid uncertainty encourage resourcefulness and efficiency on operating, strategic and commercial levels.

A few questions worth asking ourselves are:

  • When was it the last time we innovated in our commercial strategy, business model or launched new products on the market?
  • What was the most recent buying experience we provided our clients with?

Spreading The Wealth

Over two decades, The Seven Wise Men has been assisting its clients to compete on quality, efficiency, innovation and brand strength in addition to price competitiveness. Our focus is on charting new paths to sustain growth that your competitors can’t match; and that is how we measure performance. We believe that this is a better target than goals which are purely financial in nature and are a byproduct of value creation.

When initiating a value creation process, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Did you optimize every task and action and align goals between people and departments?
  • Do you involve and engage your employees? Do you have a system in place to nurture and leverage their talents?
  • Is there a clear path to sustain long-term growth and advantages that competitors can’t copy?
  • Can you convince your clients to pay price premiums? What’s stopping you?
  • How efficient is your go-to-market strategy and messaging? Did you boost your brand’s value and appeal?
  • Do you engage with your buyers at every step of their buying journey?
  • Does every move eventually contribute to reaching an all-encompassing goal?

Why The Seven Wise Men?

– Self-financing solutions– In-depth metrics
– Universal approach– Benchmarking
– Field experience– Localized solutions
– Predictive analytics– Advanced tools
– Pragmatic insights– Fully-integrated solutions

From Market Research To Market Leadership

Since 2007, market research done by The Seven Wise Men has provided our clients’ decision-makers (and Marketing Managers) with enough proofs and evidence and expected benefits to launching many initiatives that became trends in their Industries:

Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Anticipating Balance in the Real Estate MarketDheeraj & East Coast
Customized Kitchens and Furniture in EuropeUpper Middle East
Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Repositioning of Anchor Stores and Shopping MallsSafeer Hypermarkets/Malls
Color Ambiance and Store AmbianceEversheen Cosmetics
Online Commerce for Kitchenware and UtensilsOXO
Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Waterfront Tourist Destination in SharjahAl Qasba Development Authority
Wooden Cabanas Inside Water ParksDreamland Aqua Park
Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Outdoor Gyms and Hot YogaFitness 4 Life

Our advisors come with valuable expertise and proven track records in transforming businesses locally and regionally.

We leave no stone unturned when we help businesses create value and unlock their full potential.

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