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When you’re building or innovating a business from a value creation standpoint, there is no tool that is more instrumental than the business model.

A business model is a blueprint that describes the rationale of how a business creates, delivers, and captures value. It helps business owners to think in a structured way when it comes to customers, value proposition, infrastructure, and financial viability. It provides them with a clear understanding of how their business should function in order to achieve strategic objectives.

No One-Size-Fits-All

Every business has a different starting point when crafting or innovating its business model. Some might be looking to satisfy existing but unanswered market needs. Some might be trying to create a new market or introduce new products. Others might be eager to disrupt or transform an existing market with new technologies.

The context and objectives are also different in the case of longstanding businesses. They might be responding to fierce competition or a near-death experience. Or they might be adjusting to a changing environment or adapting to new technologies that can transform their business.

Business Model Development is a Process

At The Seven Wise Men we believe business model development is an ongoing process. It starts with building a solid understanding of the target market and the value proposition. It builds on the right data and insights, and takes advantage of the latest prototyping and validation tools. It feeds back actionable information for continuous improvement.

We follow a rigorous process that is grounded in reality and proven to generate results. We immerse all the participants in the process and facilitate their contributions. We capitalize on trusted data and market insights, and we utilize effective validation tools to arrive at reliable conclusions.

When developing a business model we ask questions such as:

  • What is the risk profile that shareholders are looking for?
  • Does this market and business lend itself to a winner-take-all situation where claiming market share quickly is more important than short-term profitability.
  • How well capitalised is the business and does it lend itself to taking external investment in the future?
  • What are existing business models and what are they overlooking?

Why The Seven Wise Men?

– Self-financing solutions – In-depth metrics
– Universal approach – Benchmarking
– Field experience – Localized solutions
– Predictive analytics – Advanced tools
– Pragmatic insights – Fully-integrated solutions

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