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A solid brand is more than just a bold promise or a marketing and PR exercise. The essence of a brand permeates all aspects of the business and holds it together to the highest standards. A brand is devised by intelligence, encoded into production, and perceived by the senses. It guides decisions and provides purpose and direction.

Building a brand with a strong equity and a lasting impact is no longer a mysterious art. At The Seven Wise Men we break the code on what it takes to build valuable brands that achieve immediate breakthroughs.

Core Value Timeline™

Our Core Value Timeline™ proprietary model is the result of decades of brand-building experience.  It helps companies ensure that they are selling the right product, to the right market, at the right price, and using the right channels.

Using the Core Value Timeline™ we identify the functions that form the critical path to a strong brand. We then realign resources to produce the changes required along the critical path. Thus enabling us to deliver substantially higher brand equity within a time frame of 3 to 9 months.

With the unique Core Value Timeline™ technique our clients are able in most cases to self-finance their brand-building initiatives without the need to invest additional capital.

From Concept to Shelf

Whether you are launching a new brand from scratch or restructuring an existing one, you can count on our brand building expertise to reach your full potential. Capitalize on our intelligent foresight, best practices, and unique set of tools to create a valuable brand.

We believe brand equity is the sum of various elements spanning design, production, distribution, marketing, and customer service. Our brand building services were designed to feature the highest levels of coordination and involvement. This enables us to bring together all the different divisions to work towards coherent goals. We examine challenges from fresh and diverse perspectives. We orchestrate efforts and deliver practical solutions that make the greatest impact.

Why The Seven Wise Men?

Our advisors have assisted local and regional businesses to build brand names that continue to make a lasting impact on domestic and international markets.
Our unique and cost-effective auto-financing methodology enables corporations to reallocate available resources in a manner that maximizes brand exposure and net profits.
– We assess components of your business individually and collectively.– We identify a clear and sustainable path to future growth.
– We identify and take advantage of internal and external opportunities.– We develop your team so that our impact is long lasting.
– We improve business processes and structures.– We boost your brand’s credibility and competitiveness.
– We enable you to charge premium prices.– We bring you early financial stability.

Insights and Publications

Tap into useful resources that can help you stay ahead of the game.