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“Concept-to-shelf” Brand-building Expertise

The Seven Wise Men is considered to be one of the most reliable brand building consulting companies in Dubai:

  1. Message: We assist you to create a truly unique brand message and supporting values that meet buyers’ expectations
  2. Experience: Whether you are launching a new B2B or B2C brand from scratch or restructuring an existing one, our customer-centric approach guarantees to create emotional bonds with your audiences and to steal their hearts and minds.
  3. Preference: Own a single word in your buyers’ minds to become the top brand of choice.
  4. The branding code: A solid brand is the sum total of many elements spanning design, production, marketing, and customer service; it consistently holds itself to the benchmarks it has set on all four levels.
  5. Growth: By reaching all of the previous steps, a clear path to long term growth becomes self-evident. The Seven Wise Men assists you to gain strategic advantages the competition can’t meet.
  6. Self-financing: Our team assists you realize substantial savings in marketing and production costs. Your company will then be able to re-invest those savings in its brand-building initiatives without the need to invest additional capital.
  7. Success stories: Since 2007, our brand building experts have provided senior decision-makers with enough evidence and proofs to build and export brands that appeal to international markets.

We back our recommendations with case studies, proofs, dedication, and historical precedence.

The Seven Wise Men assists its clients to build highly competitive companies and to export strong brands. We contribute with you to produce advanced and high-quality goods and services at the lowest possible costs.

Devoted since 2007, we are proud to deliver pioneering and award-winning projects in the MENA region. Our system has been proven with more than 105 businesses; when success happens dozens of times, that’s no accident, that’s a proven system.

To us, anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

In a world of promises, we deliver actions and results.

  • Tracking the smallest detail for weeks is worth it.
  • Validating conclusions from multiple angles is worth it.
  • Relentlessness in execution is worth it.

Top Priorities

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A Strong Brand Talks to the Senses

As a top brand building company in Dubai, success in this area depends on satisfying buyers’ five senses first while meeting their logical requirements comes a close second. As buyers, we rely on reason to justify brand loyalty and on emotion to feel good about ourselves and our image and status.

Our team has proven that a strong brand is the sum of various elements spanning design, production, marketing, and customer service:

1. A design department must produce a user-friendly and safe product that’s affordable and innovative,

2. A production department must produce high-quality and advanced goods and services and deliver them on time,

3. A sales and marketing department should properly position the product and communicate a clear message that’s easily understood and liked by buyers, and

4. Customer service must be as faultless as possible in order to get repeat business and earn trust, preference, and loyalty.

How we Build a Strong Brand at a Fraction of the Time and Cost

Many companies struggle to boost their return on marketing spend for different reasons.

The Seven Wise Men’s “Core Value Timeline™” proprietary model is the result of decades of brand-building experience in B2B and B2C environments. Using the technique, we identify the functions that form the critical path to a strong brand. We then realign resources to produce the changes required along this path. This approach enables us to deliver substantially higher brand value starting three months after our involvement. With our unique Core Value Timeline™ technique our clients are able to realize substantial savings and then to re-invest those savings in their brand-building initiatives without the need to invest additional capital.

Brand Building 2
How to build a strong brand with no or minimum additional spending

Proven Track Records

The Seven Wise Men has been assisting Asian businesses to build strong brands that continue to make a lasting impact on domestic and regional markets. Our unique and cost-effective auto-financing methodology enables corporations to reallocate available resources in a manner that maximizes brand exposure and net profits.

Our team’s outstanding abilities to define pivots and patterns and to predict changes in attitudes and purchasing behaviors are proven and recognized by the press, and public and private entities. We have assisted top companies to launch initiatives that became trends in their Industries.

Your Benefits

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– Self-financing solutions– Find new local and export markets
– Set a clear path to sustain long-term growth– Offer an outstanding brand experience
– Provide a success story others can’t duplicate– Demonstrate your company’s capabilities and skill-set
– Charge price premiums– Boost corporate image, preference, and loyalty
– Boost profitability– Control future direction and development of a product or service
– Build an internal brand– Attract, retain and motivate high-caliber talent
– Shorter time to launch new goods and services– Cutting-edge visual identity and messaging

Insights and Publications

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