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Interim Management

In your Search for Results, 1 Person can Make a Difference: A Sure-footed Leader

interim management

The Seven Wise Men provides interim management services for newly-formed businesses moving into the UAE or for those looking for turnkey solutions, transitions or successful transformations or companies with distressed assets.

We provide seasoned executives who can instantly step into leadership roles and have immediate impacts; experts who bring global but localized expertise before handing-over the reins to your personnel.

The Seven Wise Men’s experts are available on short-notice for limited and long term engagements. They provide temporary skills and resources, on daily basis, to plan and launch your new company or project, successfully.

Our interim managers in Dubai are leaders who bring pragmatic insights rather than academic knowledge. They have outstanding track records in building things from the ground up and can lead when things fall apart or need to be taken apart and put back together.

Networks of suppliers and service providers

With us, you get access to a curated list of external resources that we have been carefully selecting and vetting to the highest standards in the following fields:

– New company setup Consultants– Fit-out contractors– Design agencies
– Trademark consultants– Architects– Engineering
– Recruitment agencies– Real estate brokers– Event management companies
– Distributors– Lawyers– Interior designers
– Auditors – ICT companies – Construction companies
– Infrastructure (organization, scale etc.)– Resources (including property, plant and equipment)– Capabilities (technical know-how and achievements)
– Long-standing relationships and references– People (number and calibre of staff and managers)– Credibility
– Solvability– Number, type and quality of projects and references– Number of active accounts

Guaranteed Benefits

Financial Turnaround

Instant Results

Operating Efficiencies

Turnkey New Business Ventures

Ultra-high Growth Initiatives

Distressed Assets Turnaround

Corporate Transformation


Report Name   Description
Feasibility studies   Carry out a comprehensive feasibility study for each company we’re assigned to manage.  
Marketing plan Provide a fully-developed sales and marketing plan that includes: projected sales, market share, packages, pricing, sales promotions, market entry strategy, referral incentives, CRM and public relations and so on  
Brand strategy and manual   Develop a plan to build a brand name for the company that include elements such as: image, reputation and positioning…
Advertising strategy   Provide the contents, artworks, and corporate identity and media channels needed to advertise the company.  
Business plan Put in place detailed revenues and expense budgets, cash flow, income statements, financial plan and capital investment.  
Corporate systems Develop all the systems and procedures; rules and policies for all departments needed to properly manage a company.  
Project management schedule Prepare an action plan to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.  
Progress report Provide: Monthly and quarterly reports.Shareholder presentation.End-of-year report.  

Duties to perform

Set up the business Follow up on licenses and permits on your behalf with relevant authorities, if needed.  
Prepare the location Coordinate fit-out works, contractors and suppliers, municipal and utilities connections, and the installation of equipment and machinery etc.  
Develop the business structure and manage its resources Set organization structure, systems and procedures, corporate policies for all departments like administration, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, security, it, human resources, customer service, procurement and so on.  
Identify, contact and propose service providers Put in place a wide network with qualified contractors, designers, lawyers, ad agencies, accounting and auditing, and real estate agents at your disposition, if needed.  
Manage pre-opening preparations Opening ceremony event etc.
Launch and manage the business for a temporary period of time    
Recruit personnel for all departments Recruit entry, mid-level and top managementSuggest the best number of staffs and skills Propose salaries and benefits, plan, organize and control activities etc.  
Handover management to your own management team   After a certain period of time, we hand over management of the company to a permanent team of your staffs, whom we have already recruited and trained.  

Case Studies

Proven Gains

strategic management consulting firms
  • Complete the project on time, on-budget, and according to specifications
  • Ensure high quality of finishing.
  • Maximum cost-savings in installations and fit-out
  • Realize maximum efficiency of usage of labour, capital and technical resources
  • Work with qualified contractors and service providers
  • Maximize the project’s success chances from the get-go