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When businesses assign us to execute solutions, they get a clear-cut understanding of where the project is going from the planning stage right through execution and delivery of the project.

Our team has worked on numerous projects of different sizes in both private and public sectors. We were involved in some of the region’s most interesting success stories.

With two decades of experience managing hundreds of projects in eleven countries we have what it takes to deliver successful projects. We support you with our project management capabilities as we cover all aspects of scheduling, resource management, cost control, and risk management.

The Usual Suspects

The business world is rampant with examples of projects exceeding their budgets and timelines, missing their goals, or failing altogether. Common reasons include unreliable estimates, below-par finishing quality, or a failure to meet end-users’ expectations.

For a project to be successful, it needs to have a solid and realistic plan aligning all parties involved. It needs to clearly define the critical success factors and address all associated risks from the inception stage right through the execution and delivery of the project.  It needs to be managed in real-time with efficient communication.

Core Competencies

We move one step at a time without losing sight of long-term and overarching goals. By continually re-evaluating and keeping the primary objectives in mind, each step that we take moves us closer to a clearly defined end-point.

When we tackle the execution of a project, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Is there a fair and realistic representation to gain the stakeholders’ trust, approvals and funding?
  • Were risk-assessment and risk-avoidance tools deployed to prevent threats in the first place, and to contain damages in case of potential crises?
  • Were all the right and difficult questions asked and milestones set?
  • Are there experienced project leaders who can command commitment from all parties involved?
  • Are goals and individual tasks, needs and sub-goals clearly assigned, aligned, integrated, supervised and adhered to?

Why The Seven Wise Men?

– Clear-cut understanding of where the project is going at every stage– Shorter lead times
– Efficient management of resources– Effective communications
– Clear tasks, goals and sub-goals– On-site troubleshooting
– Rewards and accountabilities– Qualified and credible vendors
– No reworks and defects– Aligned goals for all parties involved

Insights and Publications

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