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Strategic Management

In Chasing Performance, 1 Thing Can Make a Difference

strategic business planning

The Seven Wise Men is exclusively dedicated to turning a company’s management strategy to outcomes that exceed expectations in a multitude of sectors.

By definition, not having a strategic management plan is similar to navigating unknown territory without a map. Another way to put it is to think of a car that has its wheels deflated or in poor conditions – such a vehicle risks serious accidents or total loss.

As one the best strategic business planning companies, these are the key components we first look at when developing a management strategy:

Excellent At Implementing Quality Management

The Seven Wise Men’s approach to implementing total quality management systems and good corporate governance starting one month after our involvement has been proven with more than 105 businesses. Our team of top business consultants in Dubai can make an instant impact in these functional areas:

– Organization development
– Operations
– Change management
– Management-By-Objectives (MBO)
– Performance measurement systems (PMS)
– Internal relations
– Total Quality Management (TQM)
– Activity chain analsyses
– Reward and accountability
– Business audit
– Risk prevention and management
– Supply chain optimization
– The Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
– Management Information Systems (MIS)
– Production management
– Digital trasnformation (business models)
– Cost reduction programs
– Asset utilization
– Value chain analysis
– Management control systems
– Integration of business processes
– Analyses of non-financial performances
– Efficient use of labour, capital and technical resources
– Business planning, organizing, staffing and leading

Proven to Deliver Prompt Results

Strategic Management 1

Expertise, clarity of mind, and commitment set us apart  – Past achievements boost our humility in confidence:

The Seven Wise Men’s approach guarantees to break down complex challenges into their simpler elements, put things into perspective, and customize solutions accordingly.

– Accurate data– Reliability and confidence– A well-grounded team
– Thought leadership– Perseverance– A clear purpose
– Integration of business processes– Multi-cultural understanding– Performance-based fees*

The Seven Wise Men’s management consultants in Dubai work side-by-side with your staffs to smoothly and systematically win their trust and support .When success happens dozens of times, that’s no accident, that’s a proven system.

A Most Effective Process

Businesses hire The Seven Wise Men to access a set of skills or abilities that may not be available in-house, without the cost of employing a full-time resource. We can solve challenges, discreetly, and take care of temporary and stand-alone projects.

Strategic Management 2

Step 1 Situation assessment

We evaluate each department’s performance against potential and the workflows inside and between divisions and people. Our assessments touch upon these key elements at first.

Step 2 Data analysis

We collect data and insights from inside and outside of the company to measure current performances against market benchmarks.

Step 3 Master planning

Before work begins on a project, The Seven Wise Men ensures that ideas carefully validated and plans well developed.

We align needs across a company’s different divisions and people to eliminate bottlenecks, gaps and leaks. We set overall objectives and sub-goals and suggest ways to re-engineer and improve processes. A master-plan and detailed plans are put in place to delimit every individual’s tasks, actions, timetables and controls that eventually contribute to reach an all-encompassing goal.

Step 4 Execution of solutions

Since visions and business plans don’t go a long way without successful execution, we put in place the right mechanisms, processes and structures and can manage execution to guarantee results.

Guaranteed Benefits in Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning

We safeguard your most precious assets

  • Reduce costs
  • Retain and add customers
  • Shareholder wealth
  • Return on investments
  • Retain qualified workforce
  • Multiply revenues and profits
  • Boost return on assets
  • Multiply market share

One of The Best Management Consulting Firms

As a top creative management consultancy in Dubai, An international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results.

The Seven Wise Men provides business consulting services. We created our own strong brand to prove our set of skills. If a strategic management consultancy cannot clearly develop its own strong company; would it do a better job in handling other peoples’ businesses?

Since 2007, we have established ourselves as a leading operation strategy consulting company in Dubai and one of the most effective strategic management service providers.

An international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results.