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The supply chain offers more room for improvement than people give it credit for. Many companies lock up a valuable chunk of capital in early purchases of raw materials and pile up inventories to a point where it becomes difficult to meet cash flow objectives and to finance short-term needs.

Supply chain optimization is one of the keys to creating more value. This starts with the sourcing of suppliers and encompasses procurement processes, logistics planning, and inventory policies. Value chain strategies can help in reducing costs and working capital requirements as well as increasing operational efficiency and integration.

Unlocking Value

At The Seven Wise Men we offer strategic advice and support to businesses that are looking to optimize their value chain. We help you find the right balance of cost, quality, and time.

When we work on value chain strategy we have the following priorities on our mind:

  • How integrated is the supply chain? Are there any programs in place to reduce costs of purchases and lead times and to improve the quality of purchased materials?
  • Does the company make the most of economies of scale and scope?
  • Did you plan market demand carefully to produce goods and services in large volumes?
  • Do you hold large stocks of obsolete inventories that take up precious space?

The Seven Wise Men looks at creative and innovative ways to optimize the value chain for clients. We start by looking at purchases and considering whether alternative materials or equipment might be better suited to your needs and provide a higher procurement value. We do this by considering how long the materials might last for, as well as the consequences and risks versus cost saving of buying lower grade options. We identify opportunities in supplier relationship management to improve purchasing power and reduce lead times. We look into how we can leverage new technology to build a real-time value chain that is more responsive to customer demand. We inspect logistics and inventory controls for potential savings or risks.

An added benefit of The Seven Wise Men’s involvement in optimizing your value chain is the likely reduction of short-term financing requirements, making your business more attractive to external investors.

Our hands-on experience in supply chain management, and the profound insights we have acquired from the market, enable us to put together the best strategies for optimizing value chains.

Supplier Network

When you hire The Seven Wise Men you get access to a curated list of suppliers that we carefully selected and vetted to the highest standards.

Our network of suppliers includes businesses and consultants in the following areas:

New Company Setup ConsultantsDesign Agencies
Trademark ConsultantsAdvertising Agencies
Recruitment AgenciesEvent Management Companies
DistributorsInterior Designers
ICT CompaniesFit-Out Contractors
LawyersReal Estate Brokers

When selecting suppliers our team looks for key criteria such as:

  • Infrastructure (organization, scale etc.)
  • People (number and calibre of staff and managers)
  • Resources (including property, plant and equipment)
  • Capabilities (technical know-how and achievements)
  • Credibility
  • Solvability
  • Long-standing relationships and references
  • Number, type and quality of projects and references
  • Volume of active accounts

Why The Seven Wise Men?

– A stronger position when negotiating with suppliers.– Using advanced strategies and tactics to maximize efficiencies.
– Reducing the number of defects and reworks. – Achieving economies of scale.
– Improved quality control. – Eliminating risks of entering into litigation with suppliers.
– Realizing cost-savings.  

Insights and Publications

Tap into useful resources that can help you stay ahead of the game.