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The Seven Wise Men is, genuinely, a transformational business consultancy that creates bespoke, real and permanent wealth for its clients.

Our system to create high growth has been proven with more than 105 businesses. When ultra-high growth happens dozens of times, that’s no accident, that’s a proven system.

Devoted since 2007, our team is proven to rewire multi-million Dollar businesses for profit and direction. We have pioneered many new projects worth tens of Millions of Dollars that got funded. A selection of transactions that we envisioned and planned from scratch is found below:

Visioning and planningProject value
New chain of plastic surgery centres [Confidential]USD +60 Million
Eversheen cosmetics and chain of storesUSD 3.9 Million
Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Repositioning of anchor stores and shopping malls – 2008Safeer Hypermarkets/Malls
New chain of stores (Clothing) – 2009Iconic department stores
Online commerce for kitchenware and utensils – 2007OXO
Visioning and planningProject value
Waterfront tourist destination in Sharjah – 2010AED 105 Million
Integrated theme park [Confidential] – 2018USD ++100 Million
Montreal Municipality, Quebec City, Canada – 2014USD 2.2 Million
Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Outdoor gyms and hot yoga – 2010Fitness 4 Life
Waterfront camping site – 2006Dreamland Aqua Park

Pragmatic and resourceful; we’re not satisfied with building on the success of others or in being perceived as academic solution providers; we push forward on innovation, competitiveness, and execution of solutions to create favorable environments for others to thrive in and for your competitors to be left behind.

What We Excel At

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Top Priorities

The Seven Wise Men is a well-grounded business consultancy firm dedicated to safeguarding and advancing our clients’ most valuable assets — customers, shareholder wealth, return on investments, the workforce, revenues and profits, return on assets, and market share. When companies hire our consulting services, these are the top priorities on our minds:

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  • Does your business have the right mechanisms, processes, and structures in place?
  • Before work begins on a project, were ideas carefully validated and plans well developed?
  • Does the company have clear purpose and direction; and is it wired for profit?
  • Is there a clear path to sustain long-term growth and advantages that competitors can’t duplicate?
  • Does every move eventually contribute to reaching an all-encompassing goal?

Our team pools the skills of technical specialists and field-hardened advisors who have the track records and poised confidence to put together a diagnosis analysis and action plan, and how people can implement it successfully on operating and strategic levels.

The Seven Wise Men’s approach guarantees to break down complex challenges into their simpler elements, put things into perspective, and customize solutions accordingly.

Companies hire The Seven Wise Men’s business consulting services to access a set of skills or abilities without the cost of employing a full-time resource. Our business advisors come with valuable expertise they’ve developed by working on many other projects both locally and internationally. Chances are, in the past, they’ve dealt with whatever challenges or problems you may be currently facing. 

Our Process

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Step 1 Situation assessment

Situation assessment is the core of our well-run resource management program. It determines the state of usage of a company’s human, technical and financial resources, and helps in collecting relevant info and data.

Step 2 Data analysis

In a world of promises, we keep hold of clarity, methodology, and actions. Our seasoned advisors filter out what’s relevant from what’s not (to the task at hand); temporarily blocking out irrelevant details and info overloads to unlock a company’s full potential.

Step 3 Master planning

To be successful, and before work begins, we validate ideas and put well-developed plans in place.

Step 4 Execution of solutions

Since visions and business plans don’t go a long way without successful execution, we can also assist our clients to implement solutions on-time, as-expected. We appreciate and can balance the common purpose between overall corporate goals (on a macro level) and individual subtleties and needs (micro-level behaviors).

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The Seven Wise Men firmly believes in “Management-by-objectives” as one of the most effective approaches to manage programs, become more competitive, and deliver results faster and more profitably. When people and organizations have an over-arching objective to reach, and individual tasks, needs, and sub-goals are clearly assigned, aligned, integrated and supervised, then the end-result becomes a natural progression and outcome of a well-orchestrated effort. The Seven Wise Men works successfully and side-by-side with your people to make things happen.

Call +971 4 4419135 for your inquiries, or write to us at [email protected]

Why The Seven Wise Men?

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Your Benefits

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Call +971 4 4419135 for your inquiries, or write to us at [email protected]

The Seven Wise Men works on some of the most interesting projects, and cooperates with great customers, and attracts talented personnel. When you choose our business consultancy, you can expect to make these gains:

– Lesser operating costs– New points of sale and distribution channels– Effective business processes
– Organizational development– Maximum R.O.A.– Optimal lot-size production runs
– New key accounts– Lean supply chain– Higher R.O.I. on marketing spend
– New goods and services– Higher conversion of sales leads– Higher brand equity
– Efficient use of resources – Personnel motivation and loyalty– Shorter sales cycle
– Stronger consumer engagement


An international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results, on-time.

We created our own strong brand to prove our set of skills. If a business consultant cannot clearly develop its own strong company; would it do a better job in handling other peoples’ businesses?

Devoted since 2007, we are proud to deliver pioneering and award-winning projects in the MENA region.

Call +971 4 4419135 for your inquiries, or write to us at [email protected]

Advanced Tools

The Seven Wise Men makes the best use of these tools:

– Management-By-Objectives– The Balanced Scorecard Value chain analysis
– Personality type analysesMulti-cultural mapping– Thought leadership
Management Control Systems– Business and marketing audits– Project management
Activity-based costing– Predictive data analyticsData-driven decision-making
– Resource management– Supply chain audit– Benchmarking
– Organizational development– Budgeting and variance analysis– Costing and pricing policies
Marketing-by-objectives– Risk prevention and containment– Primary research
  • Courage: The Seven Wise Men has the courage to defend new sound and solid ideas.
  • Competitiveness: We assist our clients to compete on quality, efficiency, innovation and brand strength in addition to price competitiveness.
  • Advantages: Seize internal and external opportunities, processes and technologies that your competitors can’t match.
  • Forecasting: Our team has proven track records to predict changes in attitudes and buying behaviors based on scientific data and informed intuition. We combine talent with technology to provide you with the most realistic, accurate, and appropriate decision-making tools you need in sales, marketing, production, operations, costing, and pricing, strategies, and finance. Read more about our trend prediction tools by clicking the link below:
  • Correlation: A deep and organic understanding of a handful of economic sectors, internal processes, and targeted buyers enables us to tie and correlate specific outcomes to specific events or tasks in “Cause/Effect” relationships.
  • Benchmarking: The Seven Wise Men’s industry-specific performance datasets include accurate and in-depth metrics and benchmarks such as:
– Lead Qualification scoring– Market Share Variance– Closing Rate
– Length of Sales Cycle– Customer Loyalty Rate– Loss of Accounts Rate
– Response Time to Inquiries– Average Contract Values– Frequency of Orders
– Number of New Accounts– Number of Total Active Accounts– Number of Total Accounts
– Order-to-Delivery Cycle – Sales Concentration – Variable Costs
– ROI– ROA– Net Margins
– Cost of Goods Sold Ratios– Key Operating Ratios

Insights and Publications

Tap into useful resources that can help you stay ahead of the game.