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The Seven Wise Men believes that a strategic business plan must provide the mechanisms, processes, and structures that turn a vision into a reality at the least possible costs and in the shortest spans of time.

The ability to integrate talent and capital with processes and structures largely depends on a crystal-clear and pragmatic understanding of what needs to be done, how to get there, how to allocate resources and pitfalls to avoid.

Moderation And Perspective In Everything

Technologies and visions are necessary but the former become fast obsolete and others can copy them and the latters become hollow if not supported by short-term and tangible results. Developing know-how, processes and an internal brand are the most versatile tools that the competition can’t copy. In short, success depends on a solid understanding of people who shape events.

An Abundance In Creating Value

Over two decades, The Seven Wise Men has been developing strategic business plans that add value to our clients’ companies because a strong value proposition is the most important incentive to make a purchase. Our consultants have been assisting businesses to seize improvement opportunities at every single step of the way because successful business practices are a sequence of processes and not separate functions; success follows a critical path across different departments and people. Our portfolio includes a wide spectrum of companies ranging from Multinationals to top local and regional companies across different sectors.

The Seven Wise Men adopts these principles:

When we help developing a strategic business plan, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Does your business have the right mechanisms, processes, and structures in place?
  • Before work begins on a project, were ideas carefully validated and plans well developed?
  • Does the company have clear purpose and direction; and is it wired for profit?
  • Is there a clear path to sustain long-term growth and advantages that competitors can’t copy?
  • Does every move eventually contribute to reaching an all-encompassing goal?

Why The Seven Wise Men?

  1. Value-creation: create and monetize value, which means producing high-quality and advanced goods at the lowest possible costs.
  2. Forward action: we ensure that all of your personnel pull in the same direction, moving forward one step at a time without losing sight of long-term and overarching goals.
  3. Broad measures: we look equally at financial and non-financial success factors.
  4. Root causes: we fix the root-causes of challenges, not just the symptoms.
  5. Scalability: we set realistic goals while building flexible and dynamic structures that are prone to sustain expansion.
  6. Grounded people: we speak simply and deliver big results.
  7. Talent: we only want the best people working for us and we assign the best of our people to work on your projects.

Insights and Publications

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