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The Seven Wise Men provides the mechanisms, processes, and structures that turn a vision into a reality at the least possible costs and time.

Companies hire our business consulting services to access a set of skills or abilities that may not be available in-house and to identify and resolve problems without the costs of employing a full-time resource.

In a world of promises and a rigid business language, we deliver actions and results.

To us, anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

We All Face Daily Challenges

Many companies experience high staff turnover, a handful of key accounts and rarely engage their customers. Others complain about low return on assets, loss of competitiveness and long-term growth. A decision-maker may have a vision of the desired outcome but that manager may face many questions and challenges when it comes to the capital, the talent, the processes and structures to make that vision a reality. The vast majority of decision-makers are overwhelmed with daily management of their businesses and can’t afford to take a step back and to look at the business and competition from a bit of a distance.

Our Value Proposition

The Seven Wise Men’s advisors believe that “Management-by-objectives” is one of the most efficient approaches to manage programs and projects of any kind, in any sector. When people and organizations have an over-arching goal to reach, and individual tasks, needs, and sub-goals are clearly assigned, aligned, integrated and supervised, then the end-result becomes a natural progression and outcome of a well-orchestrated effort. In other words, we view any project, investment or company from a 360-degree perspective: we see how the part (or the short-term program) contributes to the broader (longer-term) picture.

The Seven Wise Men’s portfolio includes a wide spectrum of companies ranging from Multinationals to top local and regional companies across different sectors. Our crystal-clear vision and unwavering determination have propelled the majority of our customers into the company of their categories’ top-tier businesses. Our solutions are genuinely innovative, differentiated and effective.

We only want the best people working for us and we assign the best of our people to work on your projects.

A Proven Approach

The Seven Wise Men’s approach guarantees to break down complex challenges into their simpler elements, put things into perspective, and customize solutions accordingly.

Step1 Intra-department audit

We audit each individual department’s performance against potential, set goals and suggest ways to re-engineer and improve processes. Situation assessment is the core of a well-run business consulting program. It determines the state of usage of a company’s human, technical and financial resources, and helps collect data about financial and non-financial performances.

Step2 Inter-department audit

Internal and external opportunities exist for any company to grow in substantial ways. We audit the workflow and communications between a company’s different departments and align goal, tasks, activities, processes and programs across these divisions in order to multiply efficiencies. Successful business practices are a sequence of processes and not separate functions because success follows a critical path across different departments and involves groups of people.

Step3 Growth plan

We assist our clients to rewire and repurpose the business to safeguard and advance their most valuable assets — customers, shareholder wealth, return on investments, the workforce, profits, return on assets, market share, revenues, quality, efficiency, and the community. The Seven Wise Men helps its clients to produce advanced and high-quality goods and services at the least possible costs and to chart a clear path for future growth that the competition can’t copy.

When we help developing a strategic business plan, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Does your business have the right mechanisms, processes, and structures in place?
  • Before work begins on a project, were ideas carefully validated and plans well developed?
  • Does the company have clear purpose and direction; and is it wired for profit?
  • Is there a clear path to sustain long-term growth and advantages that competitors can’t copy?
  • Does every move eventually contribute to reaching an all-encompassing goal?

Why The Seven Wise Men?

1. Universal approach

Our values and approach are universal and can be customized to effectively reach Eastern or Western audiences. Putting aside a rigid business language, fancy words, and empty promises, we put people first in everything we do because people have the most bearing on events and the choices that make things happen drive the outcomes. Technologies and profits are essential, but the former becomes obsolete very quickly and the latter follows the laws of diminishing returns. In our experience, developing internal knowledge and resources has a more enduring power and has ongoing uplifting and restorative effects on businesses.

2. Predictive analytics

Our team will make data intelligible, actionable and meaningful. We develop data-driven foundations for planning and taking decisions by integrating all the information elements of a company. The Seven Wise Men uses advanced tools and simulation models customized per each client. We model, for example, market demand and our customer’s capacity to meet that demand. Although we’re a data-driven company, our team isn’t single-minded by quantitative analyses. Purely data-driven decisions bear inherent risks such as propagate the past onto the future, push to ever-more intense content, detachment and virtual reality and meltdown-inducing over-confidence. Hence, our team casts a wider net and keeps its eyes firmly set on the external and internal conditions, and the ever-changing variables and landscapes. To us, data is a means to an end and never an end of itself.

3. Insights

Over two decades, and having worked with 41 nationalities in 14 countries on 3 continents. We take on board the critical aspects of diverse management styles and cultures and buying behaviors and incentives. Our team is not oblivious to the reluctance of some business cultures to suborn social and cultural norms in reaching their business goals and vice versa. In any environment, our strategic planners do not look only for immediate and material gains, ignoring the consequences of their recommendations and their far-reaching implications. Rather, we account for values that are universal, permanent, and relevant and engaging of your targeted buyers and to your workforce.

4. Benchmarking

With the limited publicly available information, most businesses are unable to compare their performances to that of the industry average. Having a reference point for performance metrics or processes is invaluable for businesses. It helps in improving performance, gaining strategic advantages, and boosting motivation and organizational learning. Our industry-specific performance metric datasets and process benchmarking data include details such as:

Sales and marketing benchmarks

– Database Development and Maintenance– Lead Acquisition– Lead Qualification
– Telemarketing– Negotiation Management– Closing Rate
– Length of Sales Cycle– Customer Loyalty Rate– Loss of Accounts Rate
– Response Time to Inquiries– Average Contract Values– Frequency of Orders
– Number of New Accounts– Number of Total Active Accounts– Number of Total Accounts
– Order-to-Delivery Cycle– Sales Concentration– Cost to Acquire a New Account
– Price Variance– Market Share Variance– Variable Costs
– Fixed Costs    

Financial benchmarks

– ROI– ROA– Net Margins
– Cost of Goods Sold Ratios– Key Operating Ratios  

Insights and Publications

Tap into useful resources that can help you stay ahead of the game.