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A reliable feasibility study tackles critical commercial questions first and foremost.

To us, a financial analysis forms only a part of a solid and sound feasibility study. Numerical analyses and spreadsheets are last deduced based on elaborate considerations of dynamic and fundamental success factors such as market size, growth prospects, risk assessments, technological trends, and Go-To-Market strategies. Insightful market demand forecast, a clear path to growth, and 360-degree risk evaluation are the foundations of accurate and realistic financial projections and return-on-investment.

Permanent versus Momentary Benefits

The ability to plan, with confidence, the right future moves rests squarely on a deep and organic understanding of the industry and the audience in question and the ability to correlate events and data in meaningful ways in B2B and B2C environments.

A genuine differentiation between real and permanent benefits versus fragile and momentary ones gains extreme importance for a company’s expected results. Without a deep and accurate assessment of future market demand and commercial implications, some evaluators who focus almost exclusively on financial analysis as their sole decision criteria may find themselves stuck with over-inflated investments in fixed assets or with the wrong investment choice; weighed down by short-term benefits that come with long-term consequences.

A Roadmap to Success

Since 2007, The Seven Wise Men has been providing decision-makers with sound advice and enough proofs and evidence about the viability of their projects. We have the expertise, data, and benchmarks to provide feasibility studies in different sectors and on different scales that meet the objectives of international investors. Our consultants provide comprehensive information covering the entire scope of your project including primary market research, technical feasibility, Go-To-Market strategy, and return-on-investment.

The Seven Wise Men is an independent, versatile and objective consulting company that has no bias or self-interests. Our recommendations are purely made in what we believe is in our client’s best interest.

When we work on a feasibility study, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Does the new project make use of innovative technologies, or processes, or products that add value to the company?
  • Does the new investment allow your company to have a presence in markets that it lacks and is in need of, or can make positive use of?
  • Is the new investment managed by highly skilled personnel who add value?
  • What are the financial and non-financial factors that will ensure financial stability?
  • What are the long-term prospects? And how to hedge risks?

How long would it take to assimilate the new investment into the fabric of the company?

The Seven Wise Men is an independent, versatile and objective consulting company that has no bias or self-interests. Our recommendations are purely made in what we believe is in our client’s best interest.

Why The Seven Wise Men?

– Reduced needs for initial capital investment– Shorter time-to-profitability
– Fewer needs for working capital and short-term financing– Preventive control and elimination of the need to rework things
– Stronger negotiating position with investors and backers– Stronger negotiating position with suppliers and vendors
– A clear and sustainable path for future growth– Growth rates based on facts and proofs and data analytics
– Expand production capacity by adding or replacing actual assets– Outstanding abilities and technologies to tie and correlate events and data in direct “Cause/Effect” relationships

Beyond the Decision

Our feasibility studies are more than just a decision-making tool. They can work as analytical tools and project planners. They put you in a better and more informed position going forward. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to gain:

1. In-depth Metrics

We delve into deep details with our quantitative assessments. We go as far as assessing key performance measures like the average value per order and frequency of orders to name a few.

2. Pragmatic Insights

We include a Go-To-Market strategy to close the loop because revenues and growth are the over-arching goals that are critical to accurate projections and risk assessment. Every study we craft is a blueprint and a reference point that decision-makers can go back to, years later. We don’t produce academic research that gets stowed away.

3. Full Integration

We don’t evaluate feasibility in isolation. Our approach determines how well the new project fits within the broader strategic plan of the company, and how it complements the existing portfolio of assets. As we move forward with our feasibility process, we make sure that each part clearly serves the over-arching end-goal. We integrate short-term programs to fit the broader picture from start to finish to ensure that the sum total of your project has coherent goals and direction.

4. Field Experience

Our consultants have hands-on experience in managing projects in a variety of industries. We also leverage our wide network of credible service providers, suppliers, and contractors.

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