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The Seven Wise men provides some of the most reliable feasibility studies in Dubai. We accurately measure market demand and risks in order to recommend the right investment size and the most realistic financial return.

Our confidence is based on an organic and in-depth understanding of market conditions, which are the most critical factors that affect the profitability of any new investment. Without accurate and solid commercial assumptions, investors sometimes base their decisions on incomplete information, which exposes them to getting stuck with over-inflated investments in fixed assets or with the wrong investment strategy. Adequate market understanding makes the difference between making a profit and turning in a loss.

Since 2007, our feasibility studies have provided decision-makers with enough proofs and evidence to launch projects with the highest success chances and the most certainty without harboring doubts or pondering “what-if” scenarios.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

Feasibility Studies 1

When we work on a feasibility study, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Does the new project make use of innovative technologies, or processes, or products that add value to the company?
  • Does the new investment allow your company to have a presence in markets that it lacks and is in need of, or can make positive use of?
  • What are the financial and non-financial factors that will ensure financial stability?
  • What are the long-term prospects? And how to hedge risks?
  • How long would it take to assimilate the new investment into the fabric of the company?

Our Process

Feasibility Studies 2
Feasibility Studies 3
1. Pre-feasibility study– Concept creation
– Brief product description
– Project description and preliminary plan
– Set project goals and requirements
2. Priorities– The need for the project
– Alternative courses of action
– Volume of projected sales
– Market size and competitive landscape
– Organizational needs to succeed
– Expected challenges
– Approximate timetable
– Approximate capex size
– Internal and external resources needed 
3. Discuss the plan with the investor– Refine ideas
– Check soundness of ideas
– Agree on scope of work
– Set feasibility schedule  
4. The first draft– Get experts on-board
– Market analysis
– R&D analysis
– Environmental factors analysis
– Economic factors analysis
– Location selection
– Technical feasibility
– Management structure analysis
– Project, corporate and market risks
– Financial analysis
– Taxation
– Revenue and expense budgets
– Capital investment
– Cash flow statement
5. The second draft– Frame short-term programs
– New company formation
– Market entry strategy
– Production budget
– Manpower needs
6. Completion– Alternative evaluation methods
– Conclusion: the best alternative
– Produce the budget
– Project management plan
– Prepare capital program
– Submit the project for funding
7. Post-feasibility– Go or No-Go decision
8. Kick-off– Allocate capital
– Obtain permits
– Hire management
9. Operation– Mobilize manpower and equipment
Feasibility Studies 4

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Why The Seven Wise Men?

Feasibility Studies 5

1. In-depth metrics

The Seven Wise Men provides key performance insights such as the average value per order, frequency of orders or lot-size runs to name a few.

2. Primary research

We collect reliable and accurate data directly from their sources because we’re not satisfied with only doing desktop research. Data pollution and public figures can often distort the findings.

3. Success chances

Investing in a solid feasibility study today enables an investor to make decisions that provide the most guarantees of success. Fact-based decisions today eliminate costly losses and serious risks in the future.

4. Field experience

Our consultants have hands-on experience in managing projects in a variety of industries. We anticipate the practical implications of our recommendations and the nitty-gritty side of things.

Call +971 4 4419135 for your inquiries, or write to us at [email protected]

Your Benefits

Feasibility Studies 6

The Seven Wise Men is an independent, versatile and objective consulting company that has no bias or self-interests. Our recommendations are purely made in what we believe is in our client’s best interest. With us, you can expect these benefits:

– Reduced needs for initial capital investment– Shorter time-to-profitability
– Fewer needs for working capital and short-term financing– Preventive control and elimination of the need to rework things
– Stronger negotiating position with investors and backers– Stronger negotiating position with suppliers and vendors
– A clear and sustainable path for future growth– Growth rates based on facts and proofs and data analytics
– Expand production capacity by adding or replacing actual assets– Outstanding abilities and technologies to tie and correlate events and data in direct “Cause/Effect” relationships


An international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results, on-time.

We created our own strong brand to prove our set of skills. If a business consultant cannot clearly develop its own strong company; would it do a better job in handling other peoples’ businesses?

Devoted since 2007, we are proud to deliver pioneering and award-winning projects in the MENA region.

The Seven Wise Men works on some of the most interesting projects and cooperates with great customers and attracts talented personnel.

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From Market Gap to Market Leadership

Since 2007, our feasibility studies have provided decision-makers with enough proofs and evidence to launch many initiatives that became trends in their industries.


A deep and organic understanding of the industry and the audience in question and the ability to correlate events and data in “Cause/Effect” relationships in B2B or B2C highlights our ability to predict and set trends.

Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Anticipating Balance in the Real Estate MarketDheeraj & East Coast
Customized Kitchens and Furniture in EuropeUpper Middle East
Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Repositioning of Anchor Stores and Shopping MallsSafeer Hypermarkets/Malls
Color Ambiance and Store AmbianceEversheen Cosmetics
Online Commerce for Kitchenware and UtensilsOXO
Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Waterfront Tourist Destination in SharjahAl Qasba Development Authority
Wooden Cabanas Inside Water ParksDreamland Aqua Park
Modest Swimear for WomenDreamland Aqua Park
Type of New Trend SetCompany Name
Outdoor Gyms and Hot YogaFitness 4 Life

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