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If fixed assets, which often make up a large proportion of total assets, are underutilised then a business can suffer from resulting cash flow issues and high depreciation charges. Moreover, some assets are often more utilized than the others that are left being idle. Both instances are symptoms of underlying challenges in managing assets.

The Seven Wise Men’s demand planning, mix of assets, space usage, and floor layout assist our clients with optimising their asset utilization rate right from the planning phase, before any purchases have occurred.

Whether a company is considering making new investments, replacing existing assets or expanding, we analyse and recommend how to do this in as efficient a way as possible.

This type of asset optimization can help businesses free up capital and achieve the best return on their investments. It tackles all phases of an asset lifecycle, including acquisition, utilization, maintenance, and disposal. We combine our experience in this area with best-in-class software to produce lasting processes and policies for our clients.

When we work on asset management, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • How well did you analyze market demand’s pivots, patterns, and trends?
  • How high are the current inefficiencies, waste, and scrap? What are their root causes?
  • How high are your current levels of fixed assets?
  • Do you hold slow or fast-moving inventories? What are your inventory costs?
  • What’s the company’s current production capacity, and return on assets? Why is it so?

Why The Seven Wise Men

– Optimal mix of assets.– Optimal usage of space, floor layouts, and workflows.
– Free tied-in capital.– Maximum operational efficiency.
– Less needs for funding.– Boost reinvestment rate.

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