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In Pursuing Potential Opportunities, 2 Things Matter: An Informed Foresight and Accurate Projections

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Sometimes, a feasibility study for a project is developed without a full understanding of issues at hand:

It may lack a broad, detailed and accurate reading of future demand and market size in addition to insufficient or misleading considerations of technical and risk factors and project management requirements.

These gaps often lead to over-investment, running out of money early on, poor finishing, loss and failure.

In a world of promises, we deliver actions and results.

What Sets Us Apart

– Pitfalls to Avoid in a Feasibility Plan

We are Feasibility Specialists

The Seven Wise Men uses profound insights to correctly position and right-size an investment to match its market potential:

The ways buyers react when stimulated by new products or services, novel technologies, or market trends for example, and by how much, have a deep impact on your investment’s size, success, and profitability.

We are one of the UAE’s most reliable and best project feasibility study specialists.

Key Advantages Set Us Apart

1. Quality-orientation2. Forecasting3. Pragmatism4. Cash management5. Funding and Branding
Each feasibility analysis of ours is driven by profound commercial, technical and risk considerations.

We place equal focus on qualitative data, and, on financial factors.

Spreadsheets are eventually produced based on profound analyses of dynamic and fundamental factors that set an investment’s course for years to come. To us, the financial aspect is the jewel in the crown of a credible and solid feasibility report
The Seven Wise Men is proven to accurately predict market volatility, periods of rapid growth, abrupt changes of market directions as well as magnitude of said changesGet a realistic roadmap to manage the project from start-to-finish, provided by the people who were involved in launching tens of projects successfully, on-site.

Eliminate the risks for reworks, delays and poor quality of finishing, which saves you valuable capital, time and efforts.

Get an operational plan and insights, and a Go-To-Market strategy as well.
Avoid getting stuck with with over-inflated investments in fixed assets.

Eliminate early deficits in working capital and short-term financing
Get a strong investor pitch that represents your project fairly and objectively.

Right from the start, we can assist you in laying down foundations for a strong brand strategy, positioning and brand image. This gives you permanent competitive edges over your competition

Common Pitfalls to Avoid in a Feasibility Report

Many investments fail due to the evaluators making irrelevant and inadequate assumptions (for instance, by relying on assumptions that were valid overseas, which do not suit local markets’ specifics and buyer behavior).

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Some of the common but most costly mitakes to investors are:

  1. Assigning biased parties (with self-interest) to conduct the study
  2. Assigning non-specialists with little to no insights on market behavior
  3. Poor demand planning and market size analyses
  4. Financial projections are conclusions (rather than starting points)

The Seven Wise Men’s services do not include accounting and auditing, financial consulting, new company setup, personnel hiring and training or any other ancillary facilities. These are important functions but not within our scope of work.

We are an unbiased service provider who has no self-interest. Only the success of our client is on our mind.

Our team consists pragmatic and highly-qualified leaders who have actually been involved in launching new projects, successfully, on-site. Pragmatic insights (in addition to academic analyses) make a day and night difference to your investment’s success and longevity.

Reach Out for Specialist Business Feasibility Planners

The effectiveness of The Seven Wise Men feasibility plans rests squarely on an organic and a detailed understanding of markets, risk assessment, technical factors and pragmatism.

These include factors such as how buyers might react when stimulated by new ideas, or market trends for example, and how that would affect a project’s revenues and profitability.

We place extreme care in quantifying future market demand and assessing risks prior to recommending the right investment size, as well as forecasting an accurate return on investment. More often than not, we let market demand determine the size of an investment project.

The Seven Wise Men’s feasibility process:

1. Pre-feasibility study – Concept creation
– Brief product description
– Project description and preliminary plan
– Set project goals and requirements
2. Priorities – The need for the project
– Alternative courses of action
– Volume of projected sales
– Market size and competitive landscape
– Organizational needs to succeed
– Expected challenges
– Approximate timetable
– Approximate capital expenditures size
– Internal and external resources needed 
3. Discuss the plan with the investor – Refine ideas
– Check soundness of ideas
– Agree on scope of work
– Set feasibility schedule  
4. The first draft – Get experts on-board
– Market analysis
– R&D analysis
– Environmental factors analysis
– Economic factors analysis
– Location selection
– Technical feasibility
– Management structure analysis
– Project, corporate and market risks
– Financial analysis
– Taxation
– Revenue and expense budgets
– Capital investment
– Cash flow statement
5. The second draft– Frame short-term programs
– New company formation
– Market entry strategy
– Production budget
– Manpower needs
6. Completion– Alternative evaluation methods
– Conclusion: the best alternative
– Produce the budget
– Project management plan
– Prepare capital program
– Submit the project for funding
7. Post-feasibility – Go or No-Go decision
8. Kick-off – Allocate capital
– Obtain permits
– Hire management
9. Operation– Mobilize manpower and equipment

Acquired Advantages

broad thinker
  • Less initial capital investment
  • Higher quality of finishing
  • Shorter time-to-profitability
  • Maximum chances of success
  • Less working capital and short-term financing needs
  • Strong public image and community -orientation
  • Elimination of the need to rework things
  • A stronger negotiating position with investors
  • A stronger negotiating position with suppliers and vendors
  • A clear and sustainable path for long-term growth
  • Innovative technologies, processes or new goods and services
  • Accurate road-map to manage the project
confident leader

Acclaimed Feasibility Experts

As one of the most effective planners of feasibility studies and economic studies in Dubai, an international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results, on-time.

We created our own strong brand to prove our set of skills. If a business feasibility consultant cannot clearly develop its own strong company; is it conceivable that they can do a better job handling other people’s businesses?

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