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In your quest to convert online traffic to sales leads, one thing makes the difference: Selling-power Content.


Most marketers express hopes to boost return on their content strategies.

The Seven Wise Men is a team of skilled marketers who develop successful, from scratch, content strategies; employing persuasion techniques and selling-power contents. We pose questions relevant to your online audiences, and then answer them – in a crisp, short and motivational manner. Our confidence with this approach is deep-rooted in our cutting-edge marketing know-how, consumer behavior knowledge and effective sales techniques. We notice things others don’t and hit targets few can see.

When it comes to online content, we focus exclusively on providing content strategies for a multitude of industries. Think of it as giving your online visitors the best roadmap to clearly understand, in a few seconds only, who you are, what you do and why they should select your goods and services.

Primary advantages that set us apart:

1. Digital content auditing

Let highly-skilled marketers and business strategists audit your page’s online content strategy. As a matter of fact, our commercial experts are qualified and skilled at auditing sales and marketing programs, business strategies and content effectiveness. We provide pragmatic solutions with invaluable selling power, purpose and direction, impact and conversion potential. Our team doesn’t include academic solution providers or non-specialists with little to no experience in creating interest, desire, preference and action – all of which are critical to turn traffic into leads.

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2. Quality of work, speed and ROI

Impress and be impressed by creative, superior quality, strategic content that actually multiplies your paid campaigns’ Click Through Rate (CTR), conversion rate and return on investment (ROI). Quality content strategy allows your SEO experts to work their magic and shine when they optimize all other SEO facets. We use a fluid and selling-power style that’s relatable, making sure we stay away from rigid business language or jargon.

3. No more tests

At The Seven Wise Men, we won’t ask you to test different versions of content to see which one may work – We analyze, plan, and then execute. We have done all the necessary testing, so that you don’t have to. We have hard at work to make this seem simple.

4. No more waits

In just a few days after making changes to your paid media campaigns, you’ll realize the difference a superior content strategy can have. Progress in organic takes longer, but ROI improvements will be obvious there as well.

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5. Coherence and versatility

With The Seven Wise Men, your page’s new content strategy will have an effective and clear purpose; one built on profound analyses, proofs and decades of expertise – all integrated and streamlined for maximum impact and instant results. Use your new content strategy to disseminate info, create interesting headlines and ads that promote your goods and services across all digital platforms.

In a world of promises, we deliver results, literally, 24 hours later

We focus exclusively on creating content strategies that generate results after modifying the copy of your paid digital media campaigns.

Our services don’t include SEO optimization, audio-visual production or any other media production services. The clear and absolute distinction between content strategists and SEO experts or media producers marks a night-and-day difference to your company’s online promotion strategy, CTR and conversion. A weak digital marketing campaign, perhaps generously funded and well produced, is a proven recipe for wasting rare capital, precious time and sales opportunities. In a world of digital expertise, The Seven Wise Men is committed to delivering a small but critical component, ensuring your company’s online success. Content strategy comes naturally to our team of successful hard-core business, marketing, branding and planning strategists.

It has become critical for companies to develop an in-house content strategy prior to disseminating their content through different platforms, SEO experts and digital media agencies. Otherwise, when a business leaves it up to a non-specialist to develop its content strategy, each copywriter has its own view and perspective about where your company should go, a path that leads to ambiguities and waste. It is essential for any decision-maker to clearly separate the party that plans a content strategy from the technical experts who produce it. This allows a single party to effectively and efficiently develop your company’s strategic purpose, direction, and goals. The other party can then focus solely on producing the materials required to ensure milestones are achieved. This clear separation ensures there are no conflicts of interest. It will improve the overall quality of work, results and performance.
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Testing is obsolete

Based on your company’s objectives and expectations, The Seven Wise Men engages an appropriate mix of tools (marketing, advertising and sales) to decide upon the right content strategy (i.e., headlines, copy, customer’s journey and sales funnel) prior to developing the content itself. After that, your digital marketing agency and SEO expert can take the new contents and run with them to manage successful SEO and media campaigns.

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Guaranteed gains

  • “24-hours-to-result” on paid media campaigns
  • Purposeful and coherent content
  • Selling-power themes to use across all digital platforms
  • Maximum CTR
  • Maximum conversion rate
  • Superior marketing ROI that exceeds your marketing spend by a minimum 5x
  • Remove one big unknown from all of your SEO work
online customer journey

Online buyer journey

Nowadays, most of the buying process occurs before salespeople are contacted, and by then almost half of buyers have already decided on a product or service.

Buyers may decide not to buy not because of the service or product itself, but because there’s not enough information and comparative info about it.

AwarenessThe knowledge a person has about the brand or product or service in a certain category.
1. NeedThe factor that triggers a change in the user, from a passive to an active purchasing state of mind.
2. ExploreThe potential client researches different options available and makes a long-list.
3. EvaluateThe buyer compares all the options available and makes a shortlist of potential sellers.
4. ExperienceThe buyer has kind of decided which seller is the most suitable but a final decision has not been made yet. He or she still has to experience the product or brand and get a better impression of the seller. The better the experience, the more convincing it will be for the buyer.
5. ContactBuyer initiates a contact.
6. PurchaseDepending on the nature of product or service, an online purchase is made or negotiations are kicked-off.

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