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In Search for Business Consulting Services, 1 Thing will Make an Impact: A Good Roadmap

The Seven Wise Men focuses exclusively on developing strategic plans for companies in a variety of sectors.

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The Seven Wise Men
Business Consulting

We provide award-winning marketing and brand building consulting services; in addition to strategic business plans and feasibility studies.

The Seven Wise Men
Execution of solutions

We implement solutions because visions and goals don’t go a long way without successful execution.

The Seven Wise Men
Special Projects

We provide interim management, innovative thought leadership and fund raising services.

Unique Value Propositions

We only focus on turning visions to realities that exceed expectations (i.e. strategic plans) in a variety of industries
We created our own strong brand that demonstrate our capabilities. If a business consultant can’t build its own brand, would it do a better job handling other people’s businesses?
Our methodologies enable us to realize goals at a fraction of time and costs and many times the return on your investment
We are the first-prize winner of the prestigious “Excellence in Marketing Campaigns” awards organized by the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing department (DTCM) and the UK-based REED Exhibitions
Unique data-driven approaches to understanding and impacting the purchase behaviors of multinational audiences; in addition to proprietary market benchmarking studies and data analytics tools
We create self-financing solutions: our approach pays for itself in saved costs and increased revenues
Proven to create bespoke, real and permanent wealth by sponsoring novel and sound ideas that break new grounds and literally set new trends

Proven Gains

Financial Turnaround

Turnkey New Businesses

Operational Efficiencies

Corporate Transformation /Restructuring

Create B2B & B2C brands

Ultra-high Growth Projects

Assets Under Distress Turnaround

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Basically, not having a strategic plan is akin to navigating unknown territory without a map. Another way to put it is to think of a car that has deflated or wheels in poor conditions – such a car risks serious accidents or a total loss.

The process and components of a strategic business plan are:

Investing in Consulting is Worth it.

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  • Tracking the smallest detail for weeks is worth it.
  • Securing one more interview is worth it.
  • Listening to the faintest whispers is worth it.
  • Poring over thousands of documents is worth it.
  • Investigating the subtlest gesture is worth it.
  • Triple- checking sources is worth it.
  • Validating conclusions from multiple angles is worth it.