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Tourism and Hospitality

tourism and hospitality

In a capital-intensive sector where returns and profits depend upon occupancy or “heads-in-beds”, “Tourist experience” is the single most important success factor especially for aggregators.

Many entities in the travel and tourism sector struggle with meeting the demands and expectations of international visitors and professional aggregators. Hotels, resorts and tourist destinations depend upon networks of aggregators (or intermediate local travel agents and correspondents in countries of origin) to achieve scale in business.

How We Create Value in Tourism and Hospitality

  1. Delve deep into details like the product mix, customer service touch points, loyalty programs, standard operating procedures, and partner ecosystems.
  2. Capture and monetize opportunities made available by having attractive natural, cultural and human heritage sites.
  3. Create personalized experiences by making the best use of the latest cutting-edge technologies to earn loyalty of today’s tech-savvy global citizens. Fully understand the demographic and psycho-graphic profiles of targeted audiences.
  4. Ensure our clients’ guests have a personalized, consistent, valuable, and timely service.

Explore The Benefits

When you hire The Seven Wise Men to transform your value creation process in tourism and hospitality, you can expect benefits like:

  • Introducing new products and packages at premium prices Delivering nothing less than a 5 star experience to all guests
  • Offering the right mix of attractions
  • Increased occupancy rates
  • Attracting more aggregators by means of financial incentives
  • Extending the duration and frequency of visits
  • Creating new revenue sources from concessions, merchandising, and sponsorship deals

Whatever the venue type or nature of the company, our team understands the elements that produce successful, and profitable projects and provide cost effective solutions to the challenge.

The Seven Wise Men has been assisting companies in the travel and tourism and hospitality sectors that provide on-water, in-air and on-land services in 4 countries. We offer strategic advice to hospitality investors, operators, and destination marketing companies.

The Seven Wise Men
Strategic Planning Consulting

We provide award-winning strategic business plans, process improvement and process engineering, business forecasting and feasibility studies.

The Seven Wise Men
Execution of solutions

We implement solutions because visions and goals don’t go a long way without successful execution.

The Seven Wise Men
Interim management

We provide interim management on temporary and prompt basis.

Case Studies

Read about some of our work in the tourism and hospitality sector.