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The advertising industry continues to impress with how it blends creativity with technology. It’s an industry that has the potential to truly transform the businesses of clients. With an ever growing need for customer engagement, the future is bright for this sector.

Despite this glamorous status and great potential, agencies are struggling to advance. The competition is fierce over the same pool of big spenders. Proving ROI on creative campaigns is often difficult and attrition rates are high. Disruptive technologies are promising but they create a lot of noise that clouds the thinking of decision makers.

Value Creation in Media and Advertising

To stand out and win big, agencies and publishers need to focus on their value creation process. The obvious but often ignored fact is that the true value of an agency is in its people. Every agency will eventually develop a unique super power from its mix of minds and experiences.

At The Seven Wise Men we help you identify your strengths and capitalize on them. Whether it’s storytelling, interactives, user generated content, or programmatics, we guide you to find your edge. We help you refine your brand promise around those strengths, and we assist you to craft the perfect value proposition for your target market.

Strategic Planning in Media and Advertising

The lifeline for any agency is its ability to execute and deliver on its promise. Creative thoughts and visuals alone don’t go a long way if they don’t deliver tangible results.

The Seven Wise Men has experts that can measure and audit the return on advertisers’

Budgets as well as analysing your team’s key strengths. We then help you strategically communicate this to your clients.

We also help agencies identify their key target clients. A key observation is that most agencies tend to spread themselves too thin, offering a wide range of services that eat up resources, leaving them with low margins and poor brand positioning.

By helping agencies understand their core competencies and target market, we enable them to create effective strategic plans and to bridge the gap  between promise and delivery. We achieve this through the use of appropriate technology and tools as well as powerful market insights.

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When you hire The Seven Wise Men to optimize your value creation process and strategic planning, you can expect benefits like:

  • Stronger market positioning and penetration
  • Competitive edge
  • Confidence to win big clients
  • Increased volume of business
  • Higher average of contract value
  • Lower attrition rates
  • Efficient operations
  • Failproof delivery

Case Studies

Read about some of our work in the media and advertising sector.