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Manufacturing should be the sector that is best placed to create value compared to any other. However, many manufacturers lag behind in optimizing their value creation processes. This can be due to reduced technical or engineering capabilities, organizational inefficiencies, or ineffective commercial strategies.

Even for manufacturers who have optimized their operations to produce the maximum value, for a lot of them there is still a gap between value created and value captured. And so they miss out on creating more value and bagging more profits. This is born out of two obstacles: Firstly, they don’t differentiate their products from competition. Secondly, they offer little to no incentive to persuade buyers to pay price premiums.

At The Seven Wise Men we provide customized solutions to meet the needs of different industries. We help manufacturers achieve operational efficiency, improved quality, and valuable cost reductions. We help them differentiate their products and bridge the gap with their target market.

Value Creation in Manufacturing

When it comes to optimizing the value creation process in manufacturing, we go into a great level of detail. We audit product design, quality, and functionality. We inspect production runs and lot sizes. We examine operations management and we go through the financials.

We set ambitious benchmarks and install performance controls in place including product specifications and operational KPIs.

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When you hire The Seven Wise Men to optimize your value creation process you can expect benefits like:

  • A more efficient supply chain
  • Higher product quality
  • Production at full capacity
  • Superior customer insights and engagement
  • Productive processes and structures
  • Optimal production KPIs
  • Less needs for short-term financing and working capital
  • Lower costs of capital

Case Studies

Read about some of our work in the manufacturing sector.