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With an industry that is reduced by many to a cost to be optimized, freight and logistics providers face tough challenges. On the one hand they need to meet their customer expectations while keeping tailor-made services to a strict minimum. On the other they need to stay competitive while mitigating an array of risks that can easily erode their margins.

Add to the equation a growing number of technologies that are disrupting the industry such as blockchain, IOT, automation, and big data. The result is an evolutionary landscape where only the fittest will survive.

Value Creation in Freight and Logistics

Value creation in this industry comes mainly in the form of process efficiencies and reduced costs. These value propositions cascade down the value chain and create a positive impact on the client’s business.

Market challengers can also do a lot to change the perception of value for their clients. This can happen through the adoption of added-value tech or addressing environmental concerns.

The Seven Wise Men prides itself on extensive experience in the freight and logistics industry. We understand that the supply chain is ultimately a value chain and a superb opportunity to create value.

We help you gain a competitive edge by optimizing your value creation process. We support you with the right data-driven insights and help you adopt the dynamic business model required to unlock your potential.

Strategic Planning in Freight and Logistics

One of the vital success factors for logistics companies is aligning their business to that of their key clients. They need to be in sync on size, presence, time sensitivity, and purchase behaviours. This requires strategic planning that is both dynamic and well-informed.

For logistics and freight companies that do manage to seamlessly integrate with their customers, there are real benefits. Such providers become true business partners and part of customer workflows, attaining a level of trust that increases customer retention.

Part of doing this is making sure that internal departments are flexible and organised enough to achieve this type of performance. Frequently updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is an important step in this direction and is a process that The Seven Wise Men can help put in place.

We also help you implement winning strategies that guarantee a streamlined flow of business. We assist you with strategic planning that achieves scale and guarantees process efficiencies. We address the specifics of your service-mixand costing models. We assist you to adopt the right commercial strategies, including analysing and removing loss-making routes,and improve your quality of service.

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When you hire The Seven Wise Men to optimize your value creation process in the freight and logistics industry, you can expect benefits like:

  • Lower operating costs
  • More transparency, visibility and demand
  • Advanced organizational structures
  • Higher profitability
  • More economies of scale
  • Higher penetration rate in selected sectors
  • Better positioning
  • Ability to demonstrate value to clients

Case Studies

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