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Nations around the world continue to adopt holistic outcome-based education plans. With an increased focus on learning as opposed to teaching, education is now closely linked with  desired outcomes rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The education sector has been adapting quickly. Curricula are changing, new technologies are in play, and career advisers are embedded in the process.

The education market has become more democratic and decentralized, thanks to evolving regulations. The demand is driven by tech-savvy millennials who are looking for useful and meaningful education.

Value Creation in Education

To stand out in an intensely competitive landscape, educational institutions need to up their game. The most sensible approach is to focus on value creation and building a reputation for it. Educators need to focus on creating valuable and individualized learning experiences for students.

They need to go beyond traditional ways of teaching and imparting knowledge. This is only possible by employing the best and brightest minds to educate. With a scarcity in talent, and a requirement by faculty to align with the values of the institution, employer branding and proper incentivization are key.

Strategic Planning in Education

At The Seven Wise Men we help educational institutions transform learning experiences. We unlock the value creation potential with strategic planning and innovation. We assist you to adopt the right technologies with our research-based insights. We guide you to build reputable brands with strategic marketing and positioning.

With equal importance we target the student acquisition process. We support you with data-driven marketing to generate more enrolments. From prospectus development, to recruitment of enrolment advisors, to innovative digital marketing, we deliver tangible results.

Attracting New Students

The Seven Wise Men helps educational institutions position themselves as centres of excellence and thought leaders, thus raising their profile.

Moreover, we help organisations segment their target audience and market to them based on factors such as the course they might be interested in, their age and their desired outcome. For example, someone who is looking at vocational courses is likely to be interested in employment opportunities resulting from the course, whereas science students may be keen to know about the quality of the facilities available to them and part-time students could be interested in hearing about how flexible the class scheduling is.

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When you hire The Seven Wise Men to optimize your value creation process and strategic planning in education, you can expect benefits like:

  • Enhanced reputation for excellence and value
  • Increase in enrolments
  • Attracting best-in-class faculty
  • Dynamic curriculum updates and new courses
  • Earning higher tuition fees
  • Reaching financial stability in a shorter time

Case Studies

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