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Quantitative Tools

We Boost Accuracy in Business Forecasting

The Seven Wise Men forecasts the sharpest possible future market conditions and the most realistic return-on-investment of any project, company or sector for many reasons:

  1. Pay very close attention to the underlying qualitative factors (socio-cultural etc.) that affect the quantitative ones
  2. Understand how targeted audiences and markets react to new stimulants
  3. Correlate Cause/Effect relationships objectively
  4. Rely on critical and analytical minds
  5. Use the right tools and weights
  6. Humility to not project a false sense of misleading confidence

Data Analytics

The Seven Wise Men’s clear methodology to problem-solving and data analytics depends on its ability to sort what’s relevant from what’s not, and then to isolate events, quantify and assess financial and non-financial factors.

Our advisors view data within specific contexts; they have exceptional abilities and tools to correlate events in “Cause/Effect” relationships that enable them to properly assess triggers, reactions and consequences.

Most Versatile Forecasts

The Seven Wise Men has developed proprietary financial analysis, planning and weighted modeling modules to provide some of the most accurate and realistic projections; even those that must account for seasonal fluctuations.

Advanced Financial Tools

The Seven Wise Men has developed proprietary software to deliver the most accurate and reliable quantitative analyses and measure the impact of marketing and management on financial results. Our modules benefit from tracking performances over two decades in 10 economic sectors.