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In Your Search for Better Performances, it Helps to Have Benchmarks

Sharing anonymous data and insights between market players will push an industry forward.

With limited available and public data, businesses have no performance benchmarks to aim for. With no goals to pursue, complacency often sets in, and motivation sags. A lack of commitment and determination compound challenges.

Data-Driven decisions based on historic precedents can boost a company’s abilities to predict future results. However, propagating the past onto the future bears risks. That’s the reason the team at The Seven Wise Men casts a wider net and keeps its eyes firmly set on external and internal variables and the ever-changing landscapes and circumstances.

We are continuously updating our database to help us identify “best in class” performances and benchmarking standards to aim for in a variety of sectors. Our database cover:

– Lead Qualification scoring– Market Share Variance– Closing Rate
– Length of Sales Cycle– Customer Loyalty Rate– Loss of Accounts Rate
– Response Time to Inquiries– Average Contract Values– Frequency of Orders
– Number of New Accounts– Number of Total Active Accounts– Number of Total Accounts
– Order-to-Delivery Cycle – Sales Concentration – Variable Costs
– ROI– ROA– Net Margins
– Cost of Goods Sold Ratios– Key Operating Ratios
– Attraction rate– Retention rate– Resignation Rate
– Total number of staffs
– ROI– ROA– Lot-size production runs
– Asset utilization rates– Production capacity– Waste and scrap ratios