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The Specialist Business Strategy Consultancy in Dubai

Add maximum *focus, impact and engagement* to your marketing and brand processes and strategies. Boost your brand value by making it easy to understand who you are, what you do and inspire people to prefer your brand over any other

The Seven Wise Men provides you with the full range of services needed to *execute* your chosen business strategy and to reach your end-goal at a fraction of the time and cost, and many times the quality of work and revenues:

  • Audit your business strategy, processes, and structures to identify root causes of challenges
  • Develop unmatched strategic and operational solutions
  • Install intuitive internal control systems
  • Extract every last bit of performance out of your human, financial and technical resources
  • Get devoted support to execute solutions on-site.

What Do You Aspire To Do?”

In a World of Promises, We Deliver Actions and Results

How We Are Different – And Why It Affects You

– A focused range of services
– No testing – No waiting
– Award-winning consultants
– Brand-building expertise
– Innovation
– Experience in 11 countries
– Accuracy and reliability
– A 360-degree methodology
– Universal insights
– Local know-how
– Execution of solutions
– Thought leaders
– Grounded individuals
– Broad thinking
– Self-financing solutions
– Prompt actions and results
– Talent and skills
– Over 20 years experience

The Focus Dividend: we are specialists who only focus on developing unmatched strategic business plans in a variety of industries and markets – Without providing peripheral services such as financial valuations, M&A, auditing, new business set up or digital marketing among other.

We listen well, and then deep-dive to investigate matters before crafting *genuinely innovative* solutions that *work*.

To us, anything worth doing, is worth doing right the first time.

Sectors we Serve

– Travel and Tourism
– Recreation and Wellness
– Freight and Logistics
– Healthcare
– Manufacturing
– Real estate and Contracting
– Advanced Technologies
– Healthcare
– Retail and Wholesale
– Education
– Media

Case Studies

The Seven Wise Men has created its own strong brand name. If a business strategy consultant cannot develop its own brand; would it do a better job assisting other businesses to perform?

What is a Strategic Business Plan?

A strategic plan analyses current and future operating programs and capital investment projects using qualitative and quantitative tools. It answers 5 key questions:

  • Where are you today?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • How will you monitor progress?
  • Who is doing what?

A strategic business plan includes the most important success factors only, across the board.

business strategy plan

Who Needs a Strategic Plan?

The need for a solid strategic plan is vital for businesses having high staff turnover, or small customer base, under-utilized assets, or high waste ratio.

In addition, managers that spend most of their time “firefighting” problems, and companies that suffer from high cash flow fluctuations, and those that pour money to solve problems without solving them also stand to benefit a lot.

Several other indicators include: unsold inventories, small-lot production and low added-value labour, capital and materials.

Our solutions apply on 6 different levels: company level, or group level, or division level, business unit level, plant and cell levels or individual level.

Business Consulting Services

– Feasibility studies
– Business strategy planning
– Marketing strategy planning
– Brand strategy planning
– Business plans
– Business process improvement
– Content strategy
– Marketing plans
– Business continuity plans (BCP)
– Marketing outsourcing
– Interim management

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