Project management

"A final outcome that matches or exceeds expectations”

When businesses assign us to execute solutions, they get a clear-cut understanding of where the project is going from the planning stage right through execution and delivery of the project.

In The Seven Wise Men, companies have a realistic project planner, and a well-grounded troubleshooter and project leader who orchestrates a common effort.

When people involved in any specific project have an over-arching goal to reach, and individual tasks, needs, and sub-goals are clearly assigned, aligned, integrated, supervised and adhered to, then the end-result becomes a natural progression and outcome of a well-orchestrated effort that creates substantial value to the end result.

To eliminate uncertainty, our advisors deploy extensive experience in risk-assessment and risk-avoidance to prevent threats in the first place and to contain damages in case of potential crises.

With The Seven Wise Men, your project's final outcome won’t come much of a surprise because you had already seen how things would turn out to be right from the start.

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Proper execution of solutions is Achilles’ Heels for many businesses. Most projects exceed their budgets and take at least twice the time to completion, which leads to frequent corner-cutting that come at the expense of project specifications, features and functionality and the failure to meet some key end-users’ goals.

A new project that was supposed to cost this much ends up taking the lion’s share of the funds leaving very little for short-term financing and working capital. The company ends up with a serious shortfall of funds even before a wheel has turned.

When we execute business solutions, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Do you have a fair and realistic representation to gain the stakeholders’ trust, approvals and funding?

  • Did you deploy risk-assessment and risk-avoidance tools to prevent threats in the first place, and to contain damages in case of potential crises?

  • Did you ask all the right questions first and set milestones?

  • Do you have experienced project leaders who can command commitment from all parties involved?

  • Are goals and individual tasks, needs and sub-goals clearly assigned, aligned, integrated, supervised and adhered to?

In two decades, we have assisted more than 100 clients in 14 countries to deliver results using “Management-by-objectives”, “Project Management” and the “Balanced Scorecard”.

Our advisors come with valuable expertise they've developed by working on some of the most interesting projects with great clients both locally and regionally. The Seven Wise Men attracts some of the best talents and we put our brightest advisors to execute your business vision.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.


  • Investors would know what to expect and other parties involved know exactly what they’re expected to do.
  • We provide objective points of view and support for projects of all sizes in both the private and public sectors.
  • Our deliverables cover scheduling, meeting deadlines, resource management, cost control and commissioning in addition to procurement advice.
  • We have worked on many different projects in the past and have therefore acquired profound insights on different suppliers, service providers, and contractors.
  • The Seven Wise Men can use its wide network with highly-qualified and credible vendors to recommend the most credible and qualified of them.


Our planning moves one step forward at a time while our eyes are firmly set on the single, overarching and long-term goal. To us, every move must eventually contribute to reaching that all-encompassing objective similar to a cascade of moves that run through the project in a Domino effect.

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In two decades, we have assisted more than 100 clients in 14 countries to deliver results using “Management-by-objectives”, “Project Management” and the “Balanced Scorecard”.

An international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment to deliver expected results, on-time.

We created our own strong brand to prove our set of skills. If a business consultant cannot clearly develop its own strong company; would it do a better job in handling other peoples' businesses? 

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- Tracking the smallest detail for weeks is worth it.

- Securing one more interview is worth it.

- Listening to the faintest whispers is worth it.

- Poring over thousands of documents is worth it.

- Investigating the subtlest gesture is worth it.

- Triple- checking sources is worth it.

- Validating conclusions from multiple angles is worth it.


It'd only take you to answer 2 simple questions to start off:

- What’s your single most important goal for the next twelve months?

- What’s the key obstacle preventing you from reaching that goal?

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