Industry Benchmarking Data from the UAE

Find out how you stack up against your industry peers

Business communities in the UAE and in the MENA region in general are not used to sharing and disclosing data, insights or results about the state of affairs of an industry in order to push it forward.

With limited publicly available information, most businesses are unable to compare their performance to that of their direct competitors, or the best-in-class companies, or the industry average.

Having a reference point for performance metrics or processes is invaluable for businesses. It helps in improving performance, gaining strategic advantage, and boosting motivation and organizational learning.

Benchmarking Tools

At The Seven Wise Men we understand the importance of external variables for a business to be grounded in reality and reaching its full potential.

Our benchmarking tools provide you with the opportunity to compare your company’s performance to industry peers. Get access to anonymous but verifiable, clean and clear datasets that assist you to make informed decisions.

Our industry specific performance metric datasets and process benchmarking data include details such as:

Sales Data:

  • Database Development and Maintenance
  • Lead Acquisition
  • Lead Qualification
  • Telemarketing
  • Negotiation Management
  • Closing Rate
  • Length of Sales Cycle
  • Customer Loyalty Rate
  • Loss of Accounts Rate
  • Response Time to Inquiries
  • Average Contract Values
  • Frequency of Orders
  • Number of New Accounts
  • Number of Total Active Accounts
  • Number of Total Accounts
  • Order-to-Delivery Cycle
  • Sales Concentration
  • Cost to Acquire a New Account
  • Price Variance
  • Market Share Variance
  • Variable Costs
  • Fixed Costs

Financial Data:

  • ROI
  • ROA
  • Net Margins
  • Cost of Goods Sold Ratios
  • Key Operating Ratios

Production Data:

  • Lot-size Production
  • Asset Utilization
  • Production Capacity
  • Waste and Scrap

Staffing Data:

  • Attraction Rate
  • Retention Rate
  • Resignation Rate
  • Total Number of Staff
  • Incentives

Use Cases

With our datasets our clients can take a deep look at how they stack up against their competition and industry. They can then use the information to set strategic and tactical goals for different key performance criteria.

Here are some of the successful use cases we have seen for our data:

  • Introducing positive challenges to your people and improving overall performance.
  • Revealing cost positioning and identifying and seizing opportunities for improvement.
  • Focusing on the critical capabilities to build strategic advantage.
  • Facilitating new ideas, learning, and sharing of experiences.
  • Impressing backers, sponsors, banks, and investors with reliable and realistic goals based on evidences and proofs.