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Change Management: Innovative Business Practices

Change Management: Innovative Business Practices 1


The workshop aims to encourage attendees to embrace innovative thinking and to demonstrate how to put it into actual practice on operational and strategic levels.

Learning Benefits

  • Acquire new and advanced problem-solving skills and new processes that boost your personal performance and income, fast-track your career development path and earn you the recognition of your industry peers.
  • Achieve record-time turn-around performances in even the most challenging workplaces.
  • Create new sources of revenues
  • Multiply revenues and profit margins


  • Unique insights into performance measurements and productivity improvement.
  • Exceptionally accurate, systematic and pragmatic approach.
  • Our methodology applies to different types of companies in a wide range of economic sectors.
  • Assist your employer to achieve substantial cost-saving (in excess of 15%) in less than 3 months and a sustained growth (over 20%) in the following 12 months.
  • Suitable for workplaces and companies that have different management styles and cultures and working environments.
  • Appropriate for individuals hailing from different cultural backgrounds and having a diversity of personality types.
  • Our coaches use some “Life-coaching” techniques to communicate our message and to train attendants to break conventional business practices in their own workplaces.
  • Use of emotional and logical incentives to motivate and persuade even the most conventional and hardline decision-makers to adopt new courses of action and to overcome their resistance to change.


This workshop is most beneficial to individuals working for different types of companies in a variety of economic sectors:

  • Owners and partners
  • Senior decision-makers
  • Mid-level managers


Since 2002, our consultants have assisted over 100 clients from 41 nationalities in the UAE, Canada and Lebanon to practically implement innovative business practices in the workplace. Over these years, we identified a few traits that are common to this diversity of workplaces that we moulded in this outstanding workshop.


3 hours for an interactive session (where we get to discuss your needs and how to practically implement solutions inside your business)

Venue, Date and Time

Workshops are held every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 in our offices, Office 47, Floor 7, Aurora Tower, Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE


Individual rate: AED 4,400

Workshop Outline

  • Definition of “Change” and “Innovation”
  • Audit
    • Use of resources
    • Performances
    • Customer benefits
    • Innovation areas
  • Planning skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Show results
  • Overcome resistance
  • Improve conditions
  • Develop careers


  • Wire transfer to our bank account
  • Money exchange house

To confirm your booking, we require a 50% advance payment and the balance 48 hours prior to event.