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The relationship between management culture and innovation

Unleashing the potential of innovation isn’t as dependent on management culture as it is on will of power and the value system in a business.

Whether decision-making is decentralized, monopolistic or disciplined, a well-developed and responsive organization structure is the single most important factor that separates top performers from average/below-average ones.

Personnel need 3 things to excel:

1. Know clearly what’s expected of them
2. Have access to the right tools
3. Have proper reward/accountability systems

Public and private entities that have the required financial, technical and human resources have little excuse not to use these assets as well as they should be.

Decentralization encourages initiative, agility and resourcefulness; but many Asian and Eastern European businesses have proved that disciplined and monopolistic cultures have respectively enabled domestic corporations to nurture innovation in order to be self-reliant before entering global markets, building top brands and earning credibility and recognition of industry peers.

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