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The next game-changing investment strategies (Part 1 of 4).

investment strategies

Before making a prediction, we sum up the last 5 technological revolutions based on E. Xata and N. Lustiger’s book:

– The 1st revolution (the textile era) had cotton as the raw input

– The 2nd (the railroad era) had coal

– The 3rd: the electricity era (had steel & alloys)

– The 4th: the automotive era (had oil)

– The 5th was the computation era (input: semiconductors)

– The 6th: information and knowledge (has quantum computing as the raw input)

Throughout the first 4 eras only, technological revolutions were built around real inputs (cotton, coal, steel & oil) that contributed to growing real economies at an average rate of 4x from one era to the next. Progress made in handling these 4 real inputs (or natural resources) facilitated new economic sectors and complete clusters of relevant and interdependent sub-sectors to appear. Growth in demand and continuous improvements in productivity created wealth that spread to all economic agents (governments, businesses & households)

In the 6th revolution; we expect these sectors to dominate:

– Cyber security – A.I.
– Cryptology– Nanotechnologies
– Healthcare: physical and mental health technologies, and hyper-personalized medicine– Games
– Education– E-sports
– Space– Information accuracy verification
– Robotics– Privacy technologies
– Taxation technologies– Citizen engagement technologies
– Data storage and analysis technologies– Environmental technologies
– Novel materials– Digital money
– Sustainable energy sources: thermal, fossil fuels, fusion, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar and wind