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White paper: The Pushback of the Belt and Road Initiative

From China to Turkey, the pushback of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has started.

As of the year 120 BCE, the Han Empire engaged in vibrant trade with India, Persia and the Roman Empire through a new road, which was a conduit to disseminate goods, religion, philosophy, technology and science.

silk road and belt
Historical evolution of the silk road

Steeped in History, China aims to:

A. Create new demand for exports

B. Deal with overcapacity of production by exporting purchasing power and goods

C. Encourage domestic investment & consumption

D. Rely on a land bridge to secure resources while it ramps up its navy

E. Dispose of sanctions & tariffs

The immediate goal is to secure uninterrupted land-based and then maritime-based trading routes to supply raw materials and exchange goods.

After a century of subjugation to the West, a clash between China and a U.S. administration was an inevitability in my opinion due to the latter party’s abuse of power. China may be willing to offset its potential losses in North America and parts of E.U. by trading elsewhere.

China is betting that some E.U. countries (such as Greece and Italy among other) will more or less break rank with the U.S., which could leave the latter isolated on many levels. Recent geopolitical and geo-economic re-alignments of countries spanning from China to Turkey mark the start of a pushback to break strangleholds.

belt and road initiative

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