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How to get creative: White paper

Innovation clusters deserve to be understood

Prodigies do not pop up individually nor randomly but in clusters; Genius Clusters like Athens in 450 BCE, Baghdad in 786 CE, Andalusia of 1100, Hangzhou of 1200, Florence in 1500, Vienna of 1900 and Calcutta of 1870.

Prodigies are the products of a whole environment, an enormous yet invisible ocean in which a whole culture swim. The average age of one golden era of prodigy grouping usually is 2 – 4 decades at most.

Favourable conditions predate the blooming of creative clusters, and they usually come a generation ahead. The convergence of a happy set of circumstances that could lead a city-state to become a creativity cluster are 47. I classify them into 4 tiers by order of priority:

innovation and creativity
Some of the most prominent geniuses of all times

Tier 1 A Higher Purpose

Tier 2 Flair

1. Uncertainty, Chaos and Order

2. Education

3. Urban

4. Interaction

5. Language

6. Timing

7. Moderation And Humility

Tier 3 Foundations

1. Competition

2. Detachment

3. Leadership

4. Natural processing of negativity

5. Peace

6. Tolerance

7. Place

8. Technology

Tier 4 Sustenance

1. Amazement

2. Attractiveness of the sector

3. Belonging

4. Challenges

5. Conversation

6. Courage

7. Other

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