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A Unique new concept for destination theme parks

Innovation in tourism

Key success factors for theme parks are:

– Over 1 M. visitors a year

– CAPEX: USD 100–200 M.

– Ticket: USD 100–200

– Margins: 15–25%,

– New IP

– Marketing

– International market gap

– Appropriate location and size

– Economy and infrastructure

– Tourist packages

– Immersive experience

– Length of visit

For decades, mega successful park operators kept coming up with new concepts and attractions to attract the most of visitors’ time and money. Additional venues were added over time to expand global footprints.

In most cases, planners correctly positioned and right-sized parks to match market potential and optimize financial results. Parks are capital-intensive investments; a poor feasibility leads to sizeable losses.

It looks like park planners have hit a stalemate in creativity and are running out of new conceptual designs. Successive generations of park-goers are offered with the same lines of concepts and intellectual property (whether old, reinvented or modern) in order to keep guests motivated.

innovation in tourism
Frequency of visiting theme parks around the world

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