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A strategy to invest safely in advanced technologies

investment strategy

New technologies have obvious advantages but many are risky & offer diminishing added-value. But the underlying applications that contribute to such risky commodities can present better & safer investment options (because they can be used for alternative purposes). Cryptocurrencies for example boost global access to finance, efficiency & stability but to us, their vulnerabilities (lack of safety nets in business models, misuse of personal data, difficulties in identifying customers & fraud) outweigh the benefits.

Cryptology, a building block of crypto money, is used to encrypt communications and to ensure data privacy & safety. Blockchain, another core component, facilitates logistics and freight transactions.

As things stand today, The Seven Wise Men still does not lend much attention to the brouhaha surrounding algorithm-based predictive analysis tools and A.I. because purely Data-Driven decisions bear inherent risks such as propagate the past onto the future, push to ever-more intense content, detachment & virtual reality and meltdown-inducing over confidence.

Our team does not include speculators – We value a good night’s sleep & a Xanax-free life! We are calculated-risk takers who correlate macroeconomic factors to micro-level manifestations in “Cause/Effect” relationships in a 360-degree approach.