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White paper: Outcomes of Globalization

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The world after 30 years of Globalization

A generation of globalization accentuated:

− Unfair international trade

− Biased International economic institutions

− Excessive food consumption

− Income inequality between northern and southern countries

− Explosive Population growth

Businesses have recognized that there is not an endless market for consumerist goods. To make a profit and expand markets, global capitalism is developing homogenous global products targeting the young and wealthy everywhere, as well as turning children into consumers.

Globalization’s scale, causation, impact, trajectories and policy outcomes affect the North and the South differently. The ecological impacts of globalization are the most potentially life threatening for the world.

Globalism claims that it transcends national borders and ideologies and that it is the sole means to showcase international solidarity and peace, improve living conditions and income distribution. But at its core, globalization is about a blind hunt for profit, efficiency and power centralization.

The Covid-19 pandemic has blown away the deceit and ungrounded arguments of globalism. As soon as the virus broke out, every state hid behind it national colors – understandably so. The same is true for the search/fight for a vaccine.

white paper on globalization