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Innovation in Tourist Destinations (Part 2 of 3)

Theme park designs are primarily driven by technological developments. A review of most tourist destinations and technologies suggest that contemporary park designers consider Science and Technologies (IT, electronics and audio-visuals) as the cause of progress and improvements.

The Journal of Travel Research highlighted that “33 scientific innovations of the top 100 innovations contributed to the opening and forming of new tourist destinations. That was the case for groundbreaking means of transportation and infrastructures such as the railway, automobile, ocean liner and canal building”.

In my eyes, Technology is essential to facilitation (i.e. more access, lesser travel times, easier bookings and so on) but it only goes so far to ensure longevity. Scientific and technological development makes tourism businesses more advanced, networked and profitable but technologies get fast obsolete, are repetitive and forgettable and easy to copy.

It’s time to offer genuine ideas of which innovations transform tourism destination concepts and marketing. Innovations that through a chain of transformations make tourists happier and destinations prosper for much longer.

It’s time for the New. Watch this post.