The Seven Seven Men develops strategic business plans and control systems that support you to produce goods and services on time, in desired quantities, according to specifications and using minimum inputs. Optimal allocation of human, technical and financial resources directly contribute to maximize your Return-On-Assets ratio as well.

Think of us as business auditors who audit an entire company’s operations, or ones who audit the performance of a single department or the efficiency of a single process. After we audit strategies, structures and processes, and mechanisms we craft genuinely innovative solutions from inception to delivery, and create built-in control systems to prevent deviations and mistakes from happening in the future.

The Seven Wise Men is recognized as one of the most reliable, productive and dedicated business strategy consultants in MENA.

Scope of Work

– Business AuditsAudit all ongoing programs in different departments (sales and marketing, production, quality control etc.)
– FeasibilityAnalyse the feasibility of future capital investment programs
– Forecasting Develop/Audit business forecasts (i.e. sales and marketing, procurement, and production) to ensure they’re highly realistic and accurate
– VarianceCreate control systems to identify root causes of deviations from targets on-time, and to take corrective actions
– MeasurementsAnalyse individual or collective performances that affect results

What Sets Us Apart

A focused range of services
We only focus on developing strategic business plans in a variety of industries and markets
Accuracy and reliability
Relentless in securing and validating data from at least 5 different sources
Cool heads
We don’t have the meltdown-inducing over-confidence of hyper-specialists and the reality-detachment of over-rationalists
Brand-building expertise
We created our own strong brand. If a consultant can’t clearly highlight its own competitive edge, would it do a better job handling your business?
A 360-degree methodology
Validate approach to problem-solving and value creation from multiple angles, taking into consideration short and long-term integration
Award-winning consultants
An international award, media appearances, and proofs back our commitment
Self-financing solutions
Realize valuable savings and re-invest them to finance new programs
Prompt actions and results
We bring commitment as of Day1 of our involvement. Expect results to start rolling after one month too
No testing – No waiting
We Analyse – Plan – Test – Execute – Evaluate. We’ve done all the necessary testing, so that you don’t have to
We really break new grounds and set new trends, novel processes, organization structures, and commercial strategies
Execution of solutions
We can execute solutions and manage projects from start to finish to guarantee results
– Universal insights
Profound understanding and ability to impact the purchase behaviors of Eastern and Western buyers
Broad thinking
We don’t just use the data others put in front of us, we are thought leaders who listen well and then deep-dive to investigate matters

Who Needs a Strategic Plan?

A decision-maker may have a vision of the desired outcome but that manager may face many challenges when it comes to the support systems, the capital, the processes, and the structures to make that vision a reality.

The need for a solid strategic plan is most accute for businesses having:

– High staff turnover– Small customer base– Conventional market entry strategies
– Under-utilized assets– High waste ratio, gaps and leaks– High cash flow fluctuations
– Lengthy production lead times– Extended order-to-delivery times – Low labour, capital and materials added-value
– Unsold inventories– Not coping well with uncertainty – Frequent financing shortages
– Generic positioning– Undifferentiated products and services– Poor innovation record
– Low competitiveness – Below-average customer engagement

How We Work

When you want to reach a vision or a goal,

The fastest way is straight from point A to B.


If you need to get to the root cause of a challenge,

You reverse-engineer your way straight from point B to A.

Either way,

You need a pragmatic and incisive approach:

1. Situation assessment
We evaluate each department’s performance against potential, as well as workflows inside, and in between people and divisions
2. Data analysis
We collect data and insights from inside and outside the company, allowing us to measure current performances against potentials and industry benchmarks
3. Master and detailed plans
We ensure that new ideas are carefully validated, and plans are well developed. We align needs and goals to eliminate bottlenecks, gaps and leaks, and re-engineer and improve processes. Our strategic business consultants define every individual’s tasks, actions, timetables and controls
4. Execution
Our team of strategic business planners can supervise production, installation and commissioning of new processes and programs, and coordinate the works of specialist and multi-disciplinary teams to ensure execution exceeds expectations

In a world of promises, we deliver actions and actions.

The Seven Wise Men

Results Through Substance


The Seven Wise Men
Strategic Planning Consulting
Distinctive, innovative and informed core business solutions.

The Seven Wise Men
Execution of solutions
Consistent, high-quality results that meet your budgets and your deadlines.

The Seven Wise Men
Interim Management
Get instant access to wide-ranging skills and connections.




Over two decades, our expertise and our commitment have earned us an International Award, several media appearances, and proofs. These results are evidence to the hard work we deliver and the passion that we have to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our credentials include accolades from UAE, and also include private and public Canadian organizations.

We have worked hard to create, develop and maintain a strong brand that fully utilizes and showcases our set of skills. If a business consultant cannot develop its own strong company; would they do a better job assisting other businesses to perform?