The Seven Wise Men focuses exclusively on strategic business plans in variety of sectors. We assist clients in putting in place the mechanisms needed to turn business strategies to actions and results that exceed expectations faster and at lesser costs. Our team identifies what needs to be done, how to get there and pitfalls to avoid. We can assist in winning people over to overcome resistance to change in order to execute solutions and guarantee results.

In principle, not having a strategic business plan is similar to navigating unknown territory without a map. You can also think of a car that has its wheels deflated or in poor conditions – such a vehicle risks going slow, serious hazards or a total loss.

Do you feel as though your business is worth more? And that you can extract more from your resources? That’s what we are here to provide: global but localized expertise. The Seven Wise Men’s skills and resources are instantly available for limited and long term engagements to plan and launch your programs successfully. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brand creation strategies (B2B and B2C);
  • New, permanent and real value creation;
  • Corporate transformations and transitions;
  • Operational efficiencies;
  • Financial turnaround and short time-to-profitability.
  • Distinctive marketing strategies.
  • Turnkey business ventures; and
  • Risk prevention and containment strategies.

Please note that our service range does not include accounting and auditing, public relations, new company setup, or digital marketing in addition to a multitude of peripheral services. One of the methods that we believe in, is that in order to achieve the best results, it is necessary for a decision-maker to clearly separate a party who plans a business strategy from the suppliers who produce it – instead of leaving it for suppliers to develop strategic directions. This allows one party to effectively and efficiently develop the company’s strategic purpose, direction, and goals, while the other party can focus solely on producing the materials required to ensure milestones are achieved. This clear separation can help to ensure that there are no conflict of interests and can help to improve the overall quality of work, results and performances.


The Seven Wise Men
Business Consulting
Distinctive, innovative and informed core business solutions.

The Seven Wise Men
Execution of solutions
Consistent, high-quality results that meet your budgets and your deadlines.

The Seven Wise Men
Special Projects
Instant access to wide-ranging skills and connections.

The Seven Wise Men’s team of field-hardened and data-driven business consultants provides pragmatic outcomes instead of academic solutions – Our tools, benchmarks studies, insights, and accolades point to a team of genuine trail-blazers. In a world of promises, we deliver actions and results. To us, anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.




Over two decades, our expertise and our commitment have earned us an International Award, several media appearances, and proofs. These results are evidence to the hard work we deliver and the passion that we have to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our credentials include accolades from UAE, and also include private and public Canadian organizations.

We have worked hard to create, develop and maintain a strong brand that fully utilizes and showcases our set of skills. If a business consultant cannot develop its own strong company; would they do a better job assisting other businesses to perform?