J. Wilks

Trust us from the heart, trust us from us the head

Director, Events – Reed Exhibitions (U.K.) - Organizers of "Excellence Award in Marketing Campaigns".

"… The winning marketing strategy and branding campaign was the one that went beyond technical professionalism – it has succeeded in reaching out and touching the hearts and minds of the target audience." 


Where innovation meets certainty

Communications Director – OXO (U.S. Multinational).

"…Overall I think the strategy consulting solutions proposed by The Seven Wise Men to launch our products in the region was brilliant. Good luck for the future!".

D. Khalil

Let us eliminate whatever is dragging you down

Managing Partner - Paragon Business.

"… The management consultants working for The Seven Wise Men were highly professional and easy to work with. Their solutions were meticulously written, well-documented and thoroughly analyzed... They demonstrated intelligent knowledge of economic and manufacturing and engineering concepts".

N. Shoucair

Talent is close to home

N. Shoucair, CEO – Patchi Industrial Company.

"… In addition to their skills in restructuring our sales, costing and pricing, The Seven Wise Men's advisors streamlined our production processes. It was our pleasure having them part of our team".

H. Hauser

The relationship is the contract

Consul General Swiss Embassy - H. Hauser

"… I would like to congratulate the consultants …for the Best Event Award and felicitate their efforts and innovative ideas".

H. Shegefti

Sales And Marketing Director - Sheen International LLC.

"… The performance of The Seven Wise Men was outstanding. They have demonstrated clever foresight and re-built our brand from scratch without any delays and with consistently high quality".

W. Khater

Get local know-how

CEO, Bonjus Dairy, Beverages And Juices.


"... The professionalism and expertise enjoyed by The Seven Wise Men causes us to mention its ability to find practical solutions to the problems and timely disposal of production inefficiencies that we faced in the past".

P. Laurie

The skill of balancing cultural values with accomplishing tasks

Conference Manager – Terrapinn Ltd. (U.K.) – Organizers of the Leisure Investment World Summit.

"… I am delighted you agreed to give a 15 minute presentation and then to participate in an informal 15 minute question and answer session with the other speakers".

T. Hana

Where innovation meets certainty

CEO - Park Resorts.

"The Seven Wise Men has played a major role in developing and establishing a new image for our venues... I would further attest that the consultant has played an instrumental role and constituted an invaluable asset in a place where untiring enthusiasm and active intelligence are called for...They spared no effort to justify the trust one would place in them".