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All businesses face daily challenges. Many decision-makers experience higher costs, lower margins, fewer key accounts, and confusion about how to develop new products and services. Others complain about fierce competition, and the rest worry about their long-term growth.


Every day, circumstances and challenges prevent businesses from fulfilling their potential. Some difficulties are due to thin organizational structures while others are the result of outside influences.


The Seven Wise Men can provide you with a single tool that will turn any situation around. An outstanding and powerful tool. One that will enable you to dig deep inside your company and channel your resources. It will change the way you look at your business, the competition and the market as a whole. Clarity is the one and only thing that glues this process together and makes moving forward possible. Our approach is to dig to the root cause of a challenge, implement the right solution, and then move on to the next priority item. This method has worked for the vast majority of our clients, and we hope that’s what you’re looking for.


The Seven Wise Men’s consulting programs are guaranteed to break down complex challenges into their simpler elements, put things into perspective, and customize appropriate solutions. We follow a very simple path: ... (Press the below link to continue reading)

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First, do the one right thing for the common good, get your priorities straight, and move forward one step at a time. By doing the right thing, considering your circumstances and disregarding the cost, your company will be forced to dig deep and allow its positive qualities (like resourcefulness and persistence) to come forward.


When you commit your company to reach one milestone after the other (without getting stuck in the details), you ensure your business acts consistently, realistically and with purpose. By looking forward (not over your shoulder) and by growing organically, your company will feel good about itself – nimble. You will uncover new opportunities that keep your business productive and energized, no matter what.


Business has its ups and down. The secret is to have the right tools to turn the negatives into positives. And this is exactly where our approach makes all the difference. It’s relevant and comprehensive. It will trigger evolution in your company – the ground-change you’ve always aimed for and never quite attained.


Surprise yourself with the hidden and innate strengths that lie dormant deep inside your company and be open to their gratifying rewards.  Going to work with a spring in your step feels so good when you have a truly functional workplace. All of us - your company, ours, and everyone else’s, have unlimited potential. The trick is knowing how to extract it.


Our approach is genuinely innovative and incredibly effective. It’s rooted in actual experiences, honed to perfection, and supported by facts and evidence. I urge you to turn your company into a proactive, dynamic, resilient, innovative and productive entity. In short, a strong company and a top brand.


As a leading business consulting company, our aim is to do just one thing: implement the changes you need to achieve your business goals.


The Seven Wise Men’s outstanding group of senior-level advisors work as confidantes and trusted counselors to leaders and influencers in the field of government, industry, entertainment, and society. We are known for our honesty, integrity, discretion, quality of work and success rate. We are a unique strategic advisory firm dedicated to safeguarding and advancing your most valuable assets — shareholder wealth, return on investments, profits, return on assets, market share, revenues, quality, efficiency, and talent.


Our expertise and insights enable us to assess your position using data-driven metrics before intuitively helping you to calculate your next move and forge the most beneficial path forward.


In our view, a company should be able to condense its skills and achievements into a single defining sentence. Our top business consultants consider anything else as a “work-in-progress”. This single sentence will assist you to filter out the things that are truly relevant to your company’s needs. It provides a great alternative to getting lost in the surrounding noise, baseless assumptions, and ungrounded expectations. Few managers realize the point at which they have outgrown habitual business cultures, practices and styles, or recognize that there are better routes and alternative courses of action open to them.


We try to use keywords that clearly represent your core skills, traits, and beliefs. Furthermore, we’ll work with you to identify those unique qualities that make your company stand out. Keywords are not only effective in communicating the identity of your business; they also leave your managers with plenty of energy, time and the capacity to take a step back and think strategically. Keywords also allow your sales and marketing personnel to build and nurture relationships with prospective customers while multiplying their closure rates and the average value per order.


The Seven Wise Men team looks at broad measures of success that include financial outcomes (such as net margins and shareholder wealth) and non-financial results (for instance the development and transfer of skills, improved working conditions and personal and collective motivation to push the limits). Within our scope of work, we assist you to rewire and repurpose your business so that it delivers on purpose and on profit. Technologies and profits are essential, but the former becomes obsolete very quickly and the latter follows the laws of diminishing returns. In our experience, developing internal knowledge and resources has a more enduring power and has ongoing uplifting and restorative effects on businesses. We believe that when every single individual meets his or her full potential on a personal level the success of the group will follow, and a higher threshold will be crossed.


The Seven Wise Men is a forward-thinking cell. Crystal-clear vision and unwavering determination have propelled our customers into the company of the country’s top-tier businesses. We have the tools to identify gaps and build structures from concept to completion.


We contribute to the nurturing and development of our business community by nurturing the growth of its human, intellectual, and material components. Our efforts earned us the credibility, respect, and recognition of our peers and industry because that credibility was earned over time with hard work and sacrifice. Our reputation was achieved by displaying professionalism, commitment, and dependability.


Our consultants will assist you with any areas where you feel your company is facing challenges. The Seven Wise Men promises to help you:


  1. Expand your customer base
  2. Take your market share
  3. Develop new products and services
  4. Develop your organizational structure
  5. Increase your profit margins
  6. Work to your full potential
  7. Raise your brand value

Aside from making a profit, there are other purposes to business that are worthy of attention and are of equal benefit to citizenship and nations as a whole.

The Seven Wise Men has a firm grasp of the core principles that create an effective and durable evolution in business.

In a world of jargon and promises, we deliver actions and results.


Realigning business processes requires a systemic change in the two key areas of corporate governance and risk acceptance. This means transforming current business practices, cultures and styles, and introducing broader measures of success that move beyond financial outcomes such as shareholder value and net margins. Our consultants focus on life-long learning and reskilling in the workplace, coupled with managing emerging technologies so that they meet human needs. We understand that these core principles are a starting point to creating evolution, and that all are elements of a much bigger picture. We implement your vision by winning over staff and suppliers, and by showing leadership and self-confidence.


Our consultants are protective of your interests. They show impartiality, perseverance, support, and decisiveness. The Seven Wise Men appreciates and balances the common purpose between overall corporate goals (on a macro level) and individual subtleties and needs (micro-level behaviours). Looking beyond the simplistic indicators of success becomes achievable. Our advisors are great multi-taskers who balance creating new enterprises with adding value and making money. They realize that there is a need to advance know-how and technology while balancing the whole with micro-level behaviours.


We are firm believers in work, industriousness, and striving for betterment in all walks of business - but only a means and never as an end in itself. We deliver gains for the masses from a “value” starting point (a fixed commitment with no strings attached) instead of a means to an end.  That means we don’t use “values” as a temporary window of opportunity to generate profit. To us, genuine success is about constantly uncovering new possibilities and making the most of them. Sustainable success must be replicable, transferable and delegable. If you don’t understand the reasons behind the success, achievements can disappear at the slightest change in circumstances.


The Seven Wise Men’s recommendations and solutions are not built on volatile, circumstantial and purely materialistic assumptions. Rather, we respect universal human values that are inclusive, proven and immortal. The ones that don’t change with the passing of time, circumstances and economies. We uphold universal human values that are shared by the multi-ethnic and multicultural consumers and residents that make up the social fabric and economic power of our country.


Although we’re a data-driven company, and we recommend our clients to make data-driven decisions, our team isn’t single-minded about data nor blinded by quantitative analyses. Purely data-driven decisions bear inherent risks such as propagate the past onto the future, push to ever-more intense content, detachment and virtual reality and meltdown-inducing over-confidence. Hence, our team casts a wider net and keeps its eyes firmly set on the external and internal conditions, and the ever-changing variables and landscapes. We appreciate the strengths and limitations of predictive analytics; to us, data is a means to an end and never an end of itself.


If we have a word of caution, it would be this: clinging to reason as a mechanism of risk-aversion shuts overly-cautious managers off from new opportunities. It gives them a false sense of control, safety, and stability. Lack of control and a willingness to push the limits and let fate take its course exposes a company’s inherent weakness – the fact that it’s still standing on shaky ground that prevents it keeping an eye on market trends, what the competition is planning and relegate it to a position of following rather than leading. This tunnel-vision means that ultra-cautious companies look at business from a very narrow perspective which invariably leaves new directions and opportunities unexplored. When companies pioneer specific initiatives, they control the future direction of that commodity and enjoy higher profits for a longer time.


We take on board the critical aspects of diverse management styles and cultures as we are not oblivious to the reluctance of others to suborn social and cultural norms in reaching their business goals. We do not look only for immediate and material gains, ignoring the consequences of our choices and their far-reaching implications. The Seven Wise Men has assisted its customers to develop their infrastructures, rehabilitate their human resources, and invest in research and development to come up with the new ideas, goods, and services that have increased their profits. The most important lesson is that innovation and initiative is what enabled these companies to boost their worth and market values, eventually earning them peer recognition and the consolidation of their reputations. These companies were determined to get into positions of leadership, gain control over their resources and capabilities, and mitigate the influence of market pressures and competitors in order to safeguard their profit margins and protect their market shares.


The way we see it, our companies need to make leaps and bounds in two key areas - risk acceptance and good governance. Both qualities are essential to encouraging innovation and accountability and reward on both individual and corporate levels. The Seven Wise Men believes that these are the factors that successful domestic companies have in abundance. Additionally, both are human qualities that can instantly be deployed, assuming there’s enough willpower. We strongly believe that our businesses must apply themselves to the task at hand in more structured ways and assume a higher degree of uncertainty (Nothing ventured – Nothing gained).


At the Seven Wise Men, we believe that our economies have the required resources (such as capital and skills) and that we should be using them more effectively. We are convinced that our business communities are able to build more purposeful and insightful institutions that can uplift our countries - but these institutions do not build themselves. They require determined and persistent builders.