When you need advice you talk to a friend. Who do you go to if your business needs a boost?

The Seven Wise Men is a management consulting company in Dubai that assists businesses to become more innovative. Think of us as an “Innovation Center”.

Our team consists of innovative, objectives and pragmatic people by nature. We get the facts, we study them patiently and then we apply innovation.


We have proven track records in triggering innovative business practices in these areas:

1.      Business modeling

2.     New product development

3.     Identification of market gaps

4.     Business processes

5.     Production processes

6.     Buying experiences

7.     Marketing and Media planning and management

8.     Commercial strategy and brand-building

9.     Seizing expansion opportunities locally and internationally

10.   Client service

11.    Channels of distribution

12.    Product features

13.    Commercial partnerships

14.    Financial analyses and simulations

The Seven Wise Men is proven in building “Institutions” where success does not depend on “Individual” performances, but rather on durable and clear corporate structures.

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Our team focuses on getting the most out of your human, financial and technical resources on a project, departmental and corporate levels.

We use “Management-By-Objective” and “Marketing-By-Objective” methodologies to analyze situations, set clear goals, identify main challenges and their root causes and then eliminate them systematically.

We are action-driven and result-oriented professionals who bring instant expertise that generates results faster at lesser costs.


Our services include improving business processes, uncovering new market opportunities and strategic brand-building.


The most common issue we face when meeting with a new client is getting a clear understanding of his or her priorities: many managers are overwhelmed with the day-to-day management of their businesses, high staff turnover and procrastination. Others complain about low utilization of assets and wastage while the rest worry about the loss of competitiveness and long-term growth.

As a result, decision-makers rarely have the time to think strategically. They can’t afford to take a step back and to look at their businesses and the market from a bit of a distance.

Therefore, our team that consists of best management consultants in Dubai starts off by asking a new client two questions:

       - What’s your single most important goal for the next twelve months?

       - What’s the key obstacle preventing you from reaching that objective?

Click on +971 4 4280990 to call us for your inquiries, or write us at admin@thesevenwisemen.net

Our approach is to go to the root cause of any challenge, solve it and then move on to the next priority item. This method has worked for the vast majority of our clients, and we hope that’s what you’re looking for.


The Seven Wise Men guarantees to break down complex challenges into their simpler elements and to put matters into perspective, and to customize solutions accordingly.

We propose a single and most powerful tool that turns the most difficult of your challenges into manageable and solvable ones. We’ll demonstrate to you how practically, and systematically, Clarity, the source of purpose and direction and commitment will dramatically improve your company’s profits, market share and brand power.

As a Dubai management consulting company, we guarantee to deliver the following benefits:

       - Exceptional ability to implement solutions

       - Proven solutions to minimize overheads and cost of product

       - Innovation in process improvements and commercial strategies

       - Creation of new revenue sources

Press +971 4 4280990 to call us for your inquiries, or write us at admin@thesevenwisemen.net

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  • J. Wilks

    "… The winning campaign was the one that went beyond technical professionalism – it has succeeded in reaching out and touching the hearts and minds of the target audience." 

  • Lilly

    "…Overall I think the strategy proposed by the consultant to launch our products in the regional market was brilliant. Good luck for the future!". Click here to visit our testimonials page

  • D. Khalil

    "… The consultant's solutions were meticulously written, well-documented and thoroughly analyzed. They demonstrated intelligent knowledge of economic and manufacturing and engineering concepts".

  • N. Shoucair

    "… In addition to their skills in restructuring our sales, costing and pricing, The Seven Wise Men's advisors streamlined our production processes. It was our pleasure having them part of our team".

  • H. Hauser

    "… I would like to congratulate the consultants …for the Best Event Award and felicitate their efforts and innovative ideas".

  • T. Hana

    "The Seven Wise Men has played an instrumental role and constituted an invaluable asset in a place where untiring enthusiasm and active intelligence are called for...They spared no effort to justify the trust one would place in them".

  • Case study1: Tourist Resort

    This +200,000 square-meter family entertainment centre allocated us USD 450,000 to turn around performances. In 4 years, we multiplied their revenues from USD 1.3 to 8.1 Million.

  • Case study2: Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCG

    This manufacturer of personal toiletry and hygiene products entrusted us to manage a new investment of USD 3 Million. Click this link to read more about case studies

  • Case study3: Large metal fabricator

    This contractor entrusted us to increase return on assets valued at USD 5.4 Million.